California Family Visit

O'Neill Park - Back EntranceTraveling West From Ehrenberg on a clear warm day, Jagger and I arrive safely at our California camp under the ancient oak trees. We’re nestled in at the same site we’ve stayed at several times before. I think it’s our official home campsite while visiting family and friends in Southern California. Here we are planning on staying the full 14-day limit so we will be setting up a full camp.

IMG_20180307_103908I didn’t realize how weak I’ve become after being laid up for several months after my back fractured in December. What normally takes an hour or so, took me several days. So I just spread out the tasks and got it done eventually.

Catching Up with Family and Friends

The first few days of my stay included several lunches with friends that lasted until late afternoons (Ah retirement life). I also enjoyed several meals with my Son, his wife, and my youngest granddaughter (5 months old). My Son lives about two blocks from what I once called home for ten years. It felt good to once again cruise around the old neighborhood on what was a wonderful sunny day near the beach in OC California.

Back At Our Camp

IMG_20180302_110120This morning I woke early and was greeted by overcast skies. After going online to check the news and blog posts of fellow bloggers I follow, I notice that rain is still predicted today. I embrace the thought, I haven’t seen rain since I left the Mogollon Rim almost six months ago. I make sure anything I need to keep dry is placed under one of the Coach’s slides or placed in the basement. Were ready Jagger, bring on the rain.

One of my older Grandson’s, Aiden, is traveling West today with his Great grandfather. He will be staying a few days at our camp. He also will be part of our family celebration for the youngest member who will be dedicated at my son’s church on Sunday. Then Aiden will travel back to Arizona with Jagger and I.

Picking Up Aiden

IMG_20180315_155543Jagger and I left our camp around noon. Our destination is Indio, California. Aiden’s great-grandfather Dick, is bringing him from Arizona about half way. It worked out pretty good as Dick was meeting some friends there. When we pulled into the lot of McDonald’s, Aiden came out to the truck to meet a very excited Jagger. They greeted and played their teasing game. Aiden hides and Jagger looks surprised when he pops up.

After procuring a few refreshments, we loaded Aiden’s stuff in the truck and headed back to our camp through the warm barren desert down Interstate 10.

Around The Campfire

Jagger and I always enjoy family visits

Next post we head back to Arizona and the storage of the Coach again. I have many doctor visits left and I’ll be going through a series of physical therapy visits before we can get back on the road again.

Safe Travels, Gary and Jagger

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  1. So glad you are back on the road ? Every time I see Aiden I simply cannot believe how much he has grown, unbelievable.


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