Coach Storage and Doctor Visits

IMG_20180317_183201On our travels back from California in March, we stopped in Ehrenberg to rest for a few days. An excited Jagger once again sees Tennessee and goes crazy wanting to play and maybe get a small piece of bacon.

If you remember from my last post, Aiden had been traveling with us and he got to meet John. The second night of our stay in the vast desert, the grandsons switch places and the campfires continue, Seth came to visit so he got to meet John also.

Wonderful Visit and Campfires


Tennessee Enjoys Another Arizona Sunset

Our two-day travel break in the beautiful desert near Ehrenberg had to come to an end. Jagger and I, along with Seth, say good-bye and traveled back to our Arizona family, first returning the Coach to her storage spot.

I still had many more doctor visits, while spending time with family. Over the weeks following our return, I was finally able to get a confirmation from each doctor and my physical therapist, “I’m Good to go”! Of course, I’m thankful for the great care of all the professionals, including the doctors in the Pheonix-Mesa area. When my vertebrae fracture was first diagnosed, my feeling was my traveling days had abruptly come to a quick end. With some time and good care, I was able to get back on the road.

Back On The Road

Our first move was to higher elevations, as the weather in the Phoenix area was warming. The Payson area has become our go to place over the past few years. While this is officially our first move of the season, we are getting the Coach repaired once again. When we were here in March having our Bedroom slide completed, I spoke with Brian about taking a look at our grey tank leak. We had experienced a leak months ago when the tank was full. After experimenting a little, the problem was narrowed down to the Kitchen Grey Tank.

Brian who owns “On The Road Again RV Repair“, agreed to take a look at a later visit. That time had arrived and I wanted to get this done before my warranty expires next February. Finally, we were getting everything back up to speed in our home, the Coach.


Oh, wait. While we’re camping at Houston Mesa Campground near Payson Arizona for our appointment, the “On-Off” button for the NEW Norcold failed 😦  This can’t be real. So many major parts seem to be breaking.

While I’m happy with the overall design and construction of the Coach by Grand Design, the companies providing the RV components haven’t done as well. Not only are major components failing, when you attempt to fix or replace the parts there is a long wait for the replacements. Traveling fulltime can be interrupted at any time and for up to a month or more waiting on parts and appointment times at facilities to correct the problem.

After the Kitchen Grey Tank was repaired by Brian, we yet again moved higher (7,000 Feet) to the Mogollon Rim Forest above Payson for another two weeks while waiting for the Norcold part. Thankfully the refrigerator still worked, I just couldn’t turn it off or switch from propane to AC.

[alert-note]I have written about my experiences with Coach and Workhorse repair facilities on the page: RV and Tow Vehicle Repair Facilities[/alert-note]

“On The Road, Again” started the process for the Norcold replacement part while we waited, but was unable to get the part in time before Jagger and I were scheduled to leave on our trip North. So they passed us all the warranty claim information allowing me to “hand off” the project to our RV repair facility near home in Montana. In all, we camped in the Payson area for about a month.

Heading North

At the end of our fourth week, we headed North. Our destination was our home base in Montana. Jagger and I are back on the road again!

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger


Evening Campfire at Ehrenberg – Another View

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    • Thanks for the post Albert. I haven’t been checking back often and your post was hung up in the spam filter. I’ve not been posting much in over a year. Kind of slowing down as I age 😉 This year I’m sticking around my Sons’ area in Washington. Unfortunately more health issues. Health is probably the most challenging issue as you travel full-time.


  1. Sorry to hear about your 5th wheel repairs. No doubt with all the miles you are total there are ten times as many vibrations. Thanks for being honest on your blog about not only the good parts of traveling but also those unexpected bumps in the road. Right now sitting here in ‘the tropics’ with this heatwave, Montana is sounding pretty nice to me and the hounds. LOL


    • Hi Steve, You’re right Montana had some nice weather even though It rained a bit. It’s getting hot here near Rushmore! It hit 100 nearby and I’m currently dry camping with no AC 😦 time to move on East again.

      I’m learning that traveling full time is heavy on maintenence. It’s almost constant. I was hit by hail in the SD area and had some minor damage. I’ll be shellig out more $$ to keep the Coach fit as we continue our adventures.


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