Break Camp, Continue on to Montana

It’s a crisp morning and the skies seem to be clearing from last nights rain. While enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I find myself in my recliner once again, letting my mind wander back to my summer began.

Continue Trail North


Piute Camp

Just leaving our camp at Piute Lake in Utah. Our trail only 128 miles to Diamond Campground, just outside Spanish Fork, Utah. Traveling Highway 89 is one of my favorites. Not many other folks on the road, passing through the beautiful countryside, dotted with small towns along the way. In the Spring you will find green rolling hills, today those hills aren’t quite as green, but they are still dotted with cattle grazing.


Traveling to Diamond Campground

We arrived early at this peaceful campground, with abundant trees and a small creek running nearby. It is only a short 15-mile gallop from town, and there’s no cell service here. Zero, nada, zilch. I was watching intently for our campsite number as the Coach glided around the loops. That’s when we came to a closed gate. The campsite where I had made a reservation was not accessible? I continued on, trying to locate the Campground Host.

When I found them working in the campground, they explained that because it was after the Labor Day holiday, the campground was starting to reduce its footprint, but they were willing to open the loop for me. I asked them if there was a good campsite available in the open area. “Sure,” they said. “A really nice one and the Coach would fit fine.”


Our Campsite at Diamond

I navigated over to the new site that they suggested. Wow, it’s perfect for the warm day. Completely shaded with large trees and lots of privacy. I kinda wish I was staying here for a week, but only one night this time and we will move on. The Host came by later and adjusted all the paperwork. “We’re good for the night Jagger.”

Next Stop Idaho

Wednesday we continue North crossing into Idaho. I found a camp off the freeway for an overnight stay. “Goodenough Creek Campground” or I like to call it, “camp in the clouds” as the drive up the hill was about the steepest I’ve traveled on with the Coach and most of that on a gravel road.

Once arriving it was difficult to even turn-around. I had to be careful with every move, there wasn’t room for any mistakes. I believe it had only six sites for RV’s and only half of those were long enough for the Coach. Once we settled I let out a big sigh, I hadn’t realized I was sucking it in as it would actually help!

Thursday Morning


Narrow Dirt Road

Jagger and I get up early as today was scheduled to be one of the longest drives so far this Summer. The ground was still a little muddy, it rained last night, along with thunder and lightning. I didn’t want to miss this quiet morning opportunity though so we went for a walk along the creek, down the very narrow dirt road. Still not being back to normal after my back procedure a few months ago, I didn’t want to push myself, so it was a short walk. However, Jagger seemed disappointed. “I agreed to walk past the bridge Jagger, now we need to head back to the Coach.”


Campsite – Goodenough

Once back, I finished breaking camp and hitched up. Pulling out and back down the dirt road seemed to go a lot faster. “Hold on Jagger, it’s going to be a bumpy road!”

Heading 200 miles North, our destination is Clark Canyon Reservoir. When arriving I notice the campground is almost full. “Oh, over there Jagger I see a couple of spots right down by the lake.” That’s weird usually, those spots go first. We mosey along the trail to our target. When pulling up, I realize why. Portions of the sites were flooded!

The lake was in flood stage due to all the Spring runoff. I regroup still feeling in pretty good shape, I decided to drive further north. Ultimately passing through a strong wind, rain, and hail another 175 miles. That’s almost another full day of travel for me. We made it to Beavertail State Park for the night, driving almost four hundred miles for the day and arriving rather late for not having reservations, but it was still the middle of the week, and we found a perfect camp for the night.

Drop the Coach

Early Friday we head for Sportland RV to drop the Coach off. Because of all the driving yesterday our travel time to Lolo is only a couple of hours. The Coach will get her annual wheel bearing and brake maintenance there and they are going to finish the refrigerator repair after getting the warranty part from Norcold. The two hours went quickly; it was nice to be near our home and back in Montana. There’s something about this place that gives me inner peace.

When we arrive, I move all the items from the refrigerator and clothes that I will need over the next month into the Workhorse. Then we left her sitting at the shop, traveling the last leg of our journey much lighter. We’re only forty miles from the house now and I miss the Coach already.

We’re home, its time to relax, enjoy family time and that Big Montana Sky.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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