Official Not Hailstorm Damage

IMG_20181219_100938The weatherman says it’s supposed to warm a little by Christmas. It looks like there will be no snow for Payson this Christmas. The forecast is in the high 40’s during the day and mid 30’s most nights. This morning I’m enjoying my coffee and Jagger is laying in front of the fireplace as the sun peeks over the mountain. It’s a slow start day, probably my favorite in my retirement years.

The Verdict


Rubber Roof Damage

The Progressive Insurance claims adjuster visited me last Wednesday after my call to them several days before. When he arrived, we visited a little and then climbed up on the Coach’s roof. As he climbed the ladder attached to the rear of the Coach, he made a comment “I worry that someday I may fall through one of these RV roofs” and chuckled. He also said, “after all the inspections I’ve  done over the last eighteen years, my favorite built unit is now Grand Design, it used to be Jayco.” That was nice to hear, but after having so many components repaired or replaced over the last five years, it helps me understand his comment earlier about failing through the roof.  Since my Reflection is the only RV I’ve had, I don’t have any other experience to compare it to

Visiting "On the Road Again RVAfter inspecting my roof and taking a few pictures, He commented, “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” agreeing with Brian at Back On The Road Again. Before he got back in his car to leave, he commented “I’m contacting one of my friends at a local RV Dealership and consult with him too before sending his report to Progressive. Then off he goes.

I’ve Been Denied, Whaaaaw

Progressive called me last night to let me know they denied my hail damage claim. So far everyone has agreed on one thing, “isn’t hailstorm damage.” But what then? It is so frustrating.


Current Winter Camp Payson, Az

It was the next day when I reached out to Grand Design in Elkhart, Indiana, they Manufactured my rig. I’ve dealt with several people at Grand Design over the last few years, and everyone one of them have been very helpful. Peter, one of those who’s helped almost five years now, said if I didn’t hear from anyone in a couple of days to reach out to him again. He then contacted the Customer Support team who set up a call back from Jim Metzler, a VP from DICOR. They are the company who sells the rubber roofs to Grand Design.

Jim called me the next day, and the short story is the rubber roof’s decorative layer is separating from the roof membrane. During 2013-2014 there was some defective cement used that caused the roof to eventually start separating. They agreed to replace the material and pay for most of the labor. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, $5000 is a lot for my small retirement budget.

The Wait

IMG_20180730_111832Now Jagger and I wait for the material to be delivered to On The Road RV in Payson. Once it arrives, Brian will call me to set up a time to start on the massive two-day project job to be completed.

The Sun is up now. It’s a bright, crisp morning, and Jagger is stirring. Soon we will go for our morning walk up the hill. I sip my warm coffee, and my mind drifts back to last Summer once again.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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  1. The one thing that bothers me about that roof problem is the fact that DICOR OBVIOUSLY knew they had a problem from 2013-2014, but there was no notifications made to Grand Design customers!! I mean, had you not called and got action from the manufacturer, would DICOR ever have told Grand Design? In any event, glad they are coughing up the cash to you!


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