Happy New Year Let It Snow

First of all, I want to wish each of you a Happy New Year. I know it’s hard to believe another year has passed. Soon Jagger and I will be starting our sixth year of full-timing.

Our Payson Camp is Cold

IMG_20181228_130551Late last week, I awoke to a frozen water line. The Temps were in the low 20’s, and the kitchen island was the only one affected thank goodness! We then proceeded to “enjoy?” the first light dusting of snow on the Coach.

The main reason I decided to camp at this elevation this time of year was to experience the cold weather here in Arizona. Is this a place I could stay for extended periods without experiencing the radical Montana winter or extreme Arizona Summer?

Payson is at a higher elevation so experiencing the hot Arizona Summers is not bad at this elevation. However, the snow could be a problem several months out of the year. It’s nothing like Montana though. I needed to answer that question for myself – it’s an experimental camping adventure.

Our New Camp – Winter Storm Warning

Now yesterday was a blast from the past. I woke at 4 am immediately knowing that once again the propane had run out in the early morning hours. Why is it that happens so often? It’s 22 degrees outside! I laid there dreading the cold but knew I would have to get up and switch over the tanks. It couldn’t wait.

Getting up, I checked the temperature in the Coach, and it had already dropped to 51 degrees, Normally I set the thermostat to the lowest temperature, 60 degrees when the weather warrants. Then I bundled up and went outside to switch over the tank. It had only lasted two weeks this time, but it was definitely empty! I couldn’t go back to sleep with the excitement of a move today, so I just stayed up.

Today Jagger and I are moving to another campground, only 5 miles away. I knew snow was in the forecast, just never realized how much. So far the ground was dry. As soon as the next campground’s office was open, I gave them a call asking if I could come early to avoid the storm. They said sure, so Jagger and I hustled. By 10:00 am we were ready to move after staying here for a month.

IMG_20181231_114618Arriving at the next camp, I struggled to set up the Coach just as the first snow was falling. Within an hour over an inch of what became approximately eight inches was on the ground.

This morning as the day starts to lighten, most of what I see outside is a beautiful winter blanket covering the trees and the Workhorse. The first question that comes to my mind is how am I going to pull the Coach over to On The Road Again RV repair in the morning? Our new rubber roof has arrived. We have an appointment to have it installed over the next few days.

Jagger is jumping around wanting to go out and play in the fresh snow, so I need to sign off for now.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

Trail Log 

6 replies

  1. Happy NewYear!!! Has it really been a full five years since i virtually met you?? Looking forward to year #6—Love your stories — maybe I will see you in Montana this year or maybe you will see me in Tennessee….take care Jenny J


  2. Happy new year Gary. Enjoy the winter wonderland. I guess that it’s preferable in AZ where you know that it wont last for 6 months. Good luck getting the coach back good as new, and happy travels in 2019.


    • Thanks Rich, it’s been pleasant, but any more than a couple of days would get old. Hoping I’ll be able to pull the Coach over to get there roof replaced tomorrow. We’ll see, still a lot of snow in the campground and no one seems to be going anywhere.


  3. Oh my!! Pretty to look at, but that’s all snow is good for as far as I’m concerned!! I swore to myself that once I hit the road in retirement, I would never see snow again up close, unless it was on mountain peaks!! So far, I have succeeded!! I bet Jagger likes it though!!


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