Final Gear Check

Okay, I’ve cooled my heels for a few weeks, and a lot has happened. Jagger and I now find ourselves out in the middle of the desert in Queen Valley, Arizona.

Pulling Her Out

Snow at Payson Early January

A few weeks back when pulling the Coach out of the snow and up the icy grade to exit the campground. I was amazed at how easily the Workhorse went up that slippery slope pulling almost 10 tons of Coach behind him. No slipping no strain, out we go. I guess I was just being a croaker looking back on my concern for leaving the snow-covered campground too early. But I guess better safe than sorry.


IMG_20190105_072028_343I pulled her on over to “On The Road Again RV” repair and left her with Brian and the boys for a few days to have the kitchen gray tank valve repaired, roof vent replaced from the hail damage in Wyoming, AC serviced, and the new rubber roof.

After dropping her off Jagger and I headed down the hill to bunk with my Son’s family. It took several days plus the weekend to complete the project. In the meantime, I enjoyed the family visit, and good food and Jagger got to play with his friend Phoebe.

Returning to Payson

IMG_20190110_123212Back up the hill, we found the Coach ready for more fun. During the next couple of weeks, we enjoyed our time and went on several drives since the weather had warmed up a might. This sure is a beautiful area. It’s just too cold for my tastes this time of year. Our main reason for our visit was completed, The Coach repair, now we’re just waiting until our paid month is up before moving back down the hill.

With too much time on my hands, I started thinking about the maintenance work that needed to be done on the Workhorse. I am leaving Arizona in just a little over a month, and I need to have all the equipment I depend on in tip-top shape. It’s then I plan another trip down the hill to my Son’s and call ADS for another appointment. A few days later Jagger and I headed back down the mountain.

Workhorse Serviced

The Workhorses’ 30,000-mile service for the Transmission, Trans-axle, Drive Axle including the Differential was due. Also looming in my mind was the small leak that had developed over the last month in the Pinion joint. As it turned out several small parts and the seal had to be replaced. Bottom line another $1,500 in maintenance was completed. “We should be good to go now Jagger.”

After picking up the Workhorse a few days later, we once again head back up the hill (almost 200 miles round trip) once again. Arriving home late at night we “tip-toed” back into our home and called it a night.

Back in Payson

The next morning when again waking to a cold Coach, I turned the heater on, thinking that we will be connected to the grid for only a few more weeks. Out in the desert, there is no water, sewer or electric. Over those weeks, I start to prepare physically and mentally for the move. I always find myself getting excited to travel. Even after all the miles, we have put on our rig.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

Trail Log

  • Dates: January 14-30, 2019
  • In The Saddle: 0 Miles, 0 minutes
  • Camp: Payson Campground RV Resort
  • More Photos: Payson Camping Snow




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