Change in the Wind Thousand Trails

IMG_20190205_164846Jagger and I Had a great visit with John at our desert camp in the Queen Valley area. Our campsite was one I probably wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for John and Patrick. I find it difficult to explore new places when towing the Coach. I don’t want to head down a gravel road just to discover it’s too tight or rough and there is no place to turn around.

Thousand Trails

All things must come to an end, even the fun ones. Now Jagger and I find ourselves moving on to our first experience staying at an RV Campground using my new Thousand Trails membership (and Trails Collection). Mesa Spirit RV Park in Mesa, Arizona is only twenty minutes from the homes of my children, so it’s a perfect place to stay for the last week before heading out on the road for Spring and Summer exploration.

The New Camp

IMG_20190212_125728We arrived late afternoon. This place is pretty fancy with all the amenities that quite frankly I probably won’t use this time. Walking into the office to check in was like going into the lobby of a nice hotel. It’s the first campground I’ve been to that hands out Chocolate Chip cookies when you check in.

Afterward, the Workhorse pulling the Coach was lead to our campsite by a host. He came up to the drivers’ window and said; “can you make it?” I replied;” I think so”. After several attempts backing the Coach in; “success”! That was really tight and the access road is pretty narrow too. I finished setting up camp and took off the rest of the afternoon.

Exploring The Area

After dinner, I decided an ice cream treat was due. We pulled out from our camp unintentionally leaving the campground map at home. I exited the back gate since it was closer to our site not thinking about my return. Then I drove over to Culver’s, a short four miles for my treat.

On our return, I needed to re-enter the Main entrance to access the park. The park is absolutely huge. So big it took me fifteen minutes wondering around to our space. I got turned around several times using Google. She is useless in the park, too many streets and turns. I’m guessing more than 300 sites, sandwiched in like sardines. However, I’ve stayed in tighter ones before.

IMG_20190205_115012Tomorrow Jagger and I will start cleaning up the Workhorse and Coach. It was a muddy experience in the desert this trip, lots of rain. We will be staying here seven nights, just enough time to regroup (with utilities), then on to Ehrenberg desert for a couple of weeks. This year’s trip I will again head West to California, then North up the Pacific Coast, visiting friends and family along the way.

Fast Forward

The week passes quickly. I pack up once again for the move West to the vast desert of Ehrenberg. The drive took about three hours and our only obstacle, a little wind to keep us company along the way.

Pulling into town, I immediately head for the “Laundromat.” A small local market with a laundromat, dump, and shower facility. There I pay to hook up to their water source and fill the Coach’s fresh water tank.

[embedyt], we head out into the desert, down a very rough gravel road for about four miles. Not long after the Workhorse starts bouncing around, Jagger sits up alert knowing he’s almost home and the bumpy ride will end.


As we pull up Jagger alerts. There is a stranger in the distance standing by his camp. It’s then as we get closer that Jagger goes berserk seeing our friend John. Over the last week, John had also moved his camp. I stopped and opened the door no sooner Jagger jumps down and runs to John. This is Jagger’s favorite way to camp, boon-docking. Here he can run free (avoiding the cactus and snakes).

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger


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  1. I never thought I’d like staying at one of those large RV parks, but I found myself this past winter really enjoying myself. With that said, there’s still nothing better than the freedom of boondocking with beautiful scenery. Add in a friend or two, and that’s the best.


    • I can’t agree more Ingrid. The RV Parks are nice for “City visits”, but there is nothing like the freedom and solitude of the forests and BLM land. I’m striving to find a nice balance this year as I travel slowly North.


  2. Jagger is definitely my buddy, always happy to see both of you! One thing about showing you new sites is if I won’t camp there myself, I won’t show it to you! And, I may make it to Montana this fall before heading south, but no promises yet!!


    • Good hearing from you. Hopefully the weather is treating you nice. I’m looking forward to seeing your new setup and if that is in Montana, even better. I just finished setting up my last few reservations for the Spring and Summer seasons. I haven’t finalized the trip South in October yet this year. While having a schedule isn’t for some, I find the peace of mind rewarding. 🙂


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