Beautiful Northern Trek Up California Coast

This is a continuation of our 2019 Northern Trek to Washington State. Since I took a blog break in 2019 I have condensed many days of travel log and photos into just a few blogs. This is the second in that series. If you’re interested and haven’t read Part ONE: Click Here. I’ve decided after passing my Sixth year mark to continue my travels for another four years to round it out at ten years. we’ll see where that leads in Jagger and my future.

Central California Coast

Our Northern Trek along the coast wouldn’t be complete without a stop at San Simeon State Beach. I booked a nice tree-covered site which is nice for shade, but a little more difficult for solar panels. Jagger and I had many walks down to the beach (dogs aren’t allowed on the beach) over the next week before moving on to our next camp a little further north and inland a few miles.

Our next Northern Trek stop is further inland at San Benito RV Resort this year which is another Thousand Trails campground. This year’s travel seems quite different, splitting time between dry camping and RV resorts, most with many amenities. Also, Jagger and I are traveling at a much slower pace. I don’t know what it is about me, but I always look forward to our “travel” day.

Jagger continues to improve with age and is very friendly with two-legged visitors, but around dogs, he’s still skittish. I’m surprised he tolerates them at all. Later in 2019, he was attacked by several small dogs, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Central California Wine Country

San Benito Campsite - Northern Trek
San Benito Campsite – Northern Trek

Our Northern Trek continues -San Benito, while having some amenities like a pool, and the clubhouse is an older facility. The grounds show some signs of upgrades, but you can still see large unused areas of overgrowth. I’m a little ahead of the summer season, so it may improve later in the year. Of course, I will have moved on by then. It’s quiet here during the week and Jagger and I enjoy walks. As a note, there aren’t a whole lot of things to do nearby other than driving in the beautiful countryside.

Lake Sonoma Wine Country

Wow is all I can say about the grade going into this Army Corp campground. Liberty Glens’ Host, Mark, immediately expressed concern on the size of the Coach. He moved our reserved site to a Handicapped one near the main entrance. While the site was uneven by three inches side to side and more front to back, I was able to back right in and set up camp. I had to park the Worhorse almost parallel to get us to fit the site.

The first morning the stillness is peaceful as the sky lightens. Clouds hang low and dew is everywhere. My first task is to drive the Workhorse to the top of the mountain and see if I can get a Cell signal, there is zero where I am parked. It’s been almost a month since I’ve had a good signal at our camps. Either way, afterward we are heading into town, wherever that is, to fuel up the Workhorse and pick up a few groceries.

In the small town after I had finished at the grocery store. I climbed back at the truck greeting Jagger, I found a Bronze Spotted Tick on him and pulled it off. It’s supposed to be a bad season for ticks this year. That’s the third one I’ve seen in the last month. That is bad considering I’ve only seen two others in five years, including the South and the Eastern United States.

Back at the Coach I unloaded the groceries and decided to sit a spell outside. What a beautiful day, Sunny and 74°, with a slight breeze. I was pondering on life and how wonderful traveling is when I got an itch on my left ankle. When I reached to relieve it a lizard ran down my foot and onto the ground, scurrying away. Jagger, being Mr protection went berserk wanting to chase it down, but I told him to leave it. Why couldn’t he have been that protective before it ran up my pants leg? Kind of creepy, but better than a rattlesnake which is known to frequent this area.

Lake Sonoma

Monday the campground cleared out except for a few campers. The hills are still very green here and off in the distance, you can see Lake Sonoma. Steep roads are everywhere, and hills and valleys are covered with vineyards. Today on a hike in the closed campground area, a black snake with a red stripe slithering across our path. (Pacific Red-Necked).

By Thursday it became obvious that they are opening the last third of the campground. Several ranger trucks and crews doing landscape maintenance this morning while Jagger and I were on our walk. Still only a half dozen campers in the entire place of over one hundred campsites.

I see many notices along the highway and at the main ranger and sheriff headquarters stating a special event starting the following weekend, May 8th. Jagger and I will be leaving town before that happens continuing our Northern Trek again for a few hundred more miles. Of course, the summer vacation season is on us in just a few weeks. Jagger and I will be opening the parks and closing them again this coming winter in Montana.

We’ll be covering ground fast now, for us anyway. Only staying four nights the next few camps, until we pass the Oregon-Washington border before slowing down again. I’ve really enjoyed this week here at Liberty Glen Campground. Very peaceful and the weather was absolutely perfect. The only thing missing was a little company. It would be nice to share this with my family, especially the Grandkids. I’m thankful for the many people that I have met along the trail though and this stop was no exception. Mark (from Texas) one of the Hosts here was really nice and a few campers just passing through.


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  1. Wow, you are WAY behind on the blog aren’t you!! Oh well…que sera sera!! Good news here!! Your secluded spot with the big firepit is open!! See you 2 soon!!


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