Uncertain Travel Due To Shutdown

1st Stop Washington – Newport

Because of the COVID lock down, uncertain travel is making me feel a lot of anxiety. I’ve become comfortable here at Lake Pend Oreille for several weeks, but my fourteen days are up and I have to move on to our next camp. Many private and National Forest campground are opening, but a lot of time and research has been put into every move.

This year Jagger and I will be staying several months in a COVID ‘Hot Zone’; the state of Washington. Actually, I will be in ‘Hot Zones’ all Summer and Fall as I also plan on traveling the coast of Oregon, down through California once again to visit all my children and their families along the way.


More Uncertain Travel Complications

Can it get any worse? Well probably. I am still waiting on my Thousand Trails membership upgrade to finalize and there are so many holes in my reservations for the Summer. But with all this, we move on knowing this year, like no other will be full of last-minute changes that are unsettling to me, especially with so many more travelers competing for a limited number of sites.

Washington Travels - Newport, WA


“Little Diamond Campground” in Newport, Washington. Is an older campground, much of it in disrepair, but the areas they have reclaimed are pretty well kept. This makes my second stay here.

Arriving At Camp

I never heard of Newport, Washington until last year when I purchased a Thousand Trails camping pass. One of their campgrounds is located a short ways from Little Diamond Lake, just above Spokane, and happens to be the first stop for us as we travel into Washington this year. We are approaching Washington from Idaho. North about 60 miles from the Canadian border as the crow flies.

Pulling up to the campground entrance more familiar memories arrive. I’m finding as I travel longer, this is my seventh year, these return visits of campgrounds and places I visit are home and they feel that way to me by some degree. I remember the campground layout, where I will look for a spot and many of the surrounding roads, grocery stores and landmarks. These feeling add some sense of stability in these uncertain travels.

Uncertain Travels - Laundry Room Little Diamond Campground WA


Little Diamond is a typical Thousand Trails campground, not the fanciest and in need of some tender loving care, but still, it has full hookups and doesn’t cost anything extra above the membership costs, of course if your a member.

During our stay Jagger and I make a few short trips for grocery items and re-fuel the Workhorse. As we do we drive around the small lake. It’s nowhere near as busy as last year. Many of the small vacation homes stand empty. A sad testament to COVID.


Also, a COVID casualty is my blog. I find myself writing more about the facilities than the beautiful scenery and historical sights I find as I pass by. This is because many are still closed or restricted in some way and at my age I am at the most risk.

Our stay here was very restful, while it was only four days long. This morning I finish packing up the Coach so we can move along to Leavenworth Washington about 250 miles away. It will be the longest single trip of the year I hope. Usually, I try to keep my moves between campgrounds less than 200 miles.

Leavenworth Campground

Driving into Leavenworth the traffic comes to a crawl. It’s Saturday, one of the reasons I don’t like traveling on the weekends. I really didn’t expect so many people. I thought Washington was in lockdown? Unfortunately because of making many of my reservations later than usual due to my pending Thousand Trails membership and of course, COVID I find myself breaking my own rules for traveling.

Many, if not most of those walking the street, entering and exiting establishments are wearing masks. I guess that’s a good thing. I creep along almost at walking speed pulling the Coach behind me. I won’t be visiting town this time for sure.

Once getting past the town, we wind through the majestic forest along the Wenatchee River, then over the Chiwawa River. The short twenty-minute drive is enough to change my mood. This is why I love to travel. Jagger and I arrive at the campground and check-in (wearing my mask) with the park ranger/host.


Entering the campground I start the slow drive around the park searching for a spot to park for two weeks. It wasn’t a perfect spot, but hey it’s Saturday and the park is pretty full.


Safe travels…Gary and Jagger

Trail Log

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  1. I feel for you! You have always been a great planner so I’m sure this is pushing your limits. Moving is the only part of traveling that stresses me out and when we were traveling together you took all of that stress for me. Glad that you are staying safe and still having fun. The site looks lush, and you did find a good spot all tucked in.


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