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Why Boondocking in the Desert

Good morning trail partners. In the last post Jagger got anxious and pushed our adventure along. I’ve linked some of the photos for the lost dirt mound below. We camped here last year too. It’s better known as The Lost Dutchman State Park. It’s a wonderful state park with both electric and non electric sites. I’ve also put a link below to the campground review. Boondocking in the Desert Recently we have found ourselves with destinations lacking internet making posts scarce. But don’t think that has affected our adventures! our camping has been where our Internet is limited the last month or two and our activity

Bucket List

I’m trying to stay organized while posting my blogs as I travel, so this is a work in progress. For reading the Retired Vagabond by state visit Catagories, click on the state title highlighted “red”. Individual posts of visits listed, click on the individual title highlighted red. Individual black titles […]