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The COVID-19 LockDown

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be confined to the Coach from a virus called COVID-19 while traveling on the road or anything for that matter, but that’s what I am experiencing the last few weeks, and maybe for the foreseeable future.

Happy New Year 2021 – Hiding From The Virus

“Happy but hiding from the COVID-19 Virus” can summarize this very long past year. I celebrated when the fireworks went off marking the beginning of 2021. Happy new year and I hope it has started well for each of you. While I’ve stayed at a combination of National Forest, State Parks, and Thousand Trails campgrounds with a Casino thrown in the mix, I’ve been able to find a spot every night during the 2020 lockdowns in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and now Arizona.

Uncertain Travel Due To Shutdown

Can it get any worse? Well probably. I am still waiting on my Thousand Trails membership upgrade to finalize and there are so many holes in my reservations for the Summer. But with all this, we move on knowing this year, like no other will be full of last-minute changes that are unsettling to me.

Bucket List

I’m trying to stay organized while posting my blogs as I travel, so this is a work in progress. For reading the Retired Vagabond by state visit Catagories, click on the state title highlighted “red”. Individual posts of visits listed, click on the individual title highlighted red. Individual black titles […]