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Happy New Year 2015

This past year was an accelerated learning experience for me and the learning isn’t over. I have enjoyed the transition into retirement very much, considering I was a workaholic most of my life. I think what made the difference is I tried something new, “Full Time Rving”.

Finding The Tree

It’s nice being in Montana again, even though the weather is “sub zero”! It’s now my home base as I start my full time RV adventure. I have a few tasks I need to accomplish here before flying back to my mess, packing in Southern California.

Today we set out for a visit to the local National Park Ranger office. There we will get my “Senior Pass” for the National Parks and buy a “Christmas tree tag”.

About Me The Vagabond

Gary and Jagger I’ve been enjoying the single life for over 30 years now. I have the privilege of being the father of four grown children and grandfather of six grandchildren. I was born, raised, and lived in Southern California until I retired in 2013. I went to Downey High […]