A Cold Winters Morning – Merry Christmas

Jagger dreaming of treats

Jagger dreaming of treats

‘Twas a cold winters morning and the puppy was still snoring, while visions of goodies pranced in his head.  I too was sleeping when suddenly I awoke to a small soft steading beeping.  What, not Santa’s Reindeers, so where was this beeping from?  I looked out the window to see what the matter. But the beeping is coming from a refrigerator alarm inside my Coach.  I get up, dress and go outside to switch over to the auxiliary propane tank at 4:30 AM!   It’s forty degrees outside.

Yep, no Propane

Yep, no Propane

Yikes, they are both empty!  How did this happen?  Jagger says he didn’t do it!  This is the first time I messed up with managing my propane tanks since I started vagabonding.   I return back inside my Coach and check the room temperature.  At least the furnace was on long enough to get the room temperature up to sixty-three degrees before the propane ran out and started all the ruckus.

What's the matter?

So I checked the chimney to see if anyone was there (ho-ho-ho), started up the fireplace and went back outside to retrieve my small electric heater from the basement storage, while Jagger remained confused.

Defrosting the Refrigerator

Defrosting the Refrigerator

Since my refrigerator was already having problems with it’s electric mode AGAIN (I will cover that in a future post), it is now down for the count entirely.  Okay what good can come from this?  This must be an opportunity, my refrigerator does need to be defrosted and what better time.  So my day starts a little earlier today and a little colder.  I retrieve my small ice chest and empty the freezer contents along with a few perishables.  Then I do the cleaning routine. Considering I have had my refrigerator running since I took possession of the Coach in February, I guess that’s not bad for a defrost.

Lost Dutchman Camp

Lost Dutchman Camp

After finishing that project and a few more, Jagger and I take off in the Workhorse about 8:00 AM for the Chevron station which is about twenty minutes away to fill up one tank.  The other one I will fill at a later time.  These beasts (the tanks) are a little heavy when full and I have to lift them up into the Workhorse, then into their cabinet when I return home.

When we return, I hook up the tank, put everything back in the refrigerator and turn it on.  Okay Jagger we are back in business.  I do notice I have one homemade waffle that Casey (one of my Daughter-In-Laws) had made a few weeks ago.  It defrosted, hey another opportunity.

Morning View

Morning View of Superstition Mountain

I fix it for a late breakfast and eat it while I enjoy my new neighborhood.  The Lost Dutchman State park, just east of Phoenix, Arizona. The picture is of the famous Superstition Mountain.

On my walk after breakfast, I notice many more campers have rolled in yesterday and this morning.   I also notice the check out dates for the campers around me are almost all after Christmas.  This is a great place to be for Christmas holiday, especially if your family wasn’t close by.

I will be staying here until Monday, just a few more days and then it’s back to my favorite camp at my Daughters small ranch in Mesa.

Camp Mesa with Aiden and Romeo

Camp Mesa with Aiden and Romeo

 It’s near many other family members who have escaped Southern California, some since I left in February.  There I will be to enjoy Christmas with most of my immediate family.  If I don’t post again before, I want to wish you all … a very Merry Christmas and to all a warm night!

One of my favorite places for winter - Chief Joseph Ranch 2004 - My sisters house

One of my favorite places for winter – Chief Joseph Ranch 2004 – My Brother-in-law and Sisters Home.

Until next time, safe travels… Gary

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