A Visit to the Dentist

On Tuesday morning I awoke…

…with the symptoms of a chest cold starting (I hope not, especially now). I needed to give my Silvarado a bath this morning to keep her spiffy in the hopes my Son would be showing her again later in the day.  Having rained the night before she had a pre-wash making my job easier.  Since I was motivated, I kept on going and gave the Workhorse a bath also.

If anyone is interested…

…in a nice truck, my Son is acting as my agent.  He is showing her now and will continue after I leave in a few days. I bought her when she was new in January of 2000 and kept her in great shape and have a clear title.

My Old Ride and Friend
My Old Ride and Friend

She is a wonderful truck and still has a lot of life left in her.  She was just not up to towing my 12,000 pound Coach.

I have been reading…

…of what seems like an epidemic in bloggers needing to go to the dentist.  Whether it be locally or in  Los Algodones, Mexico.  Well I am no exception, I was scheduled for my regular cleaning and checkup before I leave on my adventure.  When I arrived at my regular Dentists’ office I was ushered in quickly and my hygienist got to work.  Believe it or not I actually enjoy the friendliness of Dr. Hall and his staff in Huntington Beach, Ca.  I have been visiting them with my family for many years.  I guess that’s why I don’t mind (too much) when it is not comfortable at times.  Anyway after my hygienist finished up, she expressed some concern that I may have a problem with an old crown.  After taking some x-ray’s and consulting with Dr. Hall and Myself, it was decided  further work was needed to avoid any unpleasant pain on my adventure.  An appointment was scheduled and I left to continue my duties getting ready for my adventure.

After leaving the dentist…

…I stopped by Biz Support, a mail box business near South Coast Plaza in Santa Ana to have several boxes of personal, business and sensitive financial information shredded.  Another step in closing my home.  I have a paper shredder and cannot count how many boxes of information I have shredded myself already, but I needed to finish now.  After plopping down another $40 plus dollars, I left that many pounds lighter.  Next I ran a few more errands and then returned home to continue my quest, now moving packed boxes to my newly cleaned garage for staging the loading of my workhorse on Monday morning.

I will follow up soon with another update.  It’s getting close now.

Safe travels…Gary


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  1. Sydney Prince February 8, 2014

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