About The Coach

I accepted delivery of what I now call “The Coach” in February 2014.  That day became the first of many following days of exploration and adventure; not to mention the wonderful punctuations of family time as I travel and explore across the United States.

My first night with my coach. Yes by the time I finalized delivery in Ehrenberg, AZ, it was dark. My first time to pull something this big and park it was IN THE DARK.

First Camp February 10, 2013

Moving into my cach as I travel - First day

Moving into my Coach as I travel – First day

Here are a few interior shots of the model on display when I was shopping for my new coach.

I will be celebrating my first anniversary by returning to the starting point in Southern California this year (2015).  Having traveled to my new home in Montana through Utah and Idaho.  Then back to Arizona through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Other than a few minor issues, so far, “The Coach” has been my perfect home base on wheels.  This was my first RV and I continue to learn as I travel.  I am not a mechanic as I have said before, but I am learning as I go.  I have found that taking my home in for maintenance and repairs is not convenient or fun.  So I am learning to do as much on my own as I possibly can.

Signing Day - October 2013 - My friend and I

Signing Day – October 2013 – My friend and I

Reflection 293 Floorplan

Reflection 293 Floor plan