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Retired Vagabond

Retired, traveling with my Sidekick Jagger, pursuing the life of a "Retired Vagabond" and blogging about my adventures along the way.

Preparing for Southern California

Now I am preparing for my month long loop through Southern California and then a Spring trip East. Along with a few more warranty items, I am doing some regular annual maintenance on both the Coach and the Workhorse. Since leaving last February 10th, I have piled on 20,000 miles to the Workhorse and towed the Coach 5,000 miles.

Happy New Year 2015

This past year was an accelerated learning experience for me and the learning isn’t over. I have enjoyed the transition into retirement very much, considering I was a workaholic most of my life. I think what made the difference is I tried something new, “Full Time Rving”.

Heading South for the Winter

The wind was howling and the sky was threatening. But it was my only chance to at least see where many Nez Perce Indians were slaughtered and experience the sadness. Both cultures clashed and misunderstanding prevailed, but that was reality in that day. So I went out into the battleground alone to feel the history all around…