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Retired Vagabond

Retired, traveling with my Sidekick Jagger, pursuing the life of a "Retired Vagabond" and blogging about my adventures along the way.

Looking Back – Dead Horse Ranch

On the last morning before leaving Dead Horse and driving back south to Usery Mountain, Jag and I went for our morning walk. While off the path Jag found his first cactus hidden inside another bush and took a poke on the nose. Thank goodness it wasn’t serious, Lesson learned 😦 After returning to the path and walking not more than fifty feet Jag froze and started backing up.

On the Road Again

My family time has been unmatched, especially for my Arizona family because they were so far away. I now find myself again having to say good bye for now, as my Daughter and two of my grandchildren leave for the drive back to California with my best friend Beth. Immediately after they leave I had to say goodbye to my Arizona family, my Son his wife and children.

Hike Estrella Mountain

I haven’t covered preparation for going on hikes, whether here in the desert or in the lush mountains. I use the “All Trails” app almost exclusively for choosing a hike or outing. If you haven’t used this yet, it’s a great tool for planning your hikes. You can identify trails around you, how popular they are along with other physical descriptions of terrain.