Snowbirds Freezing Weather

Several days pass. We are at another camp that will be hard to leave. Last weekend Jagger and I hosted another barbecue here at the lake with Cheryl, and her friends Bob and Danette. I enjoyed visiting with them. Bob and Danette actually live on the lake not far for our camp…

Off to Benson

After almost four hours we pull in the Butterfield RV Resort. We check in and pay for a couple of nights and pull the Coach over to our new site. The park looks pretty deserted. All of the Snowbirds have flown the coop!

Yep, Still in Arizona

Jagger and I are still enjoying our second stay in Arizona this year. So far this is the longest I have stayed in one spot since starting my full time RV lifestyle over a year ago. Other than our regular daily chores and lot’s of family time, there isn’t much going on. It is however, almost time to “Unplug”