Coach Get’s A Bath

Working on the Coach

Working on the Coach

Today the Coach’s rubber roof will be cleaned and treated by Josh. Since I’m not quite as spry as I used to be I’m thankful he will be crawling up on that roof and not me.

I don’t mind hard work by any means. At that height, even though it’s less than 12 feet, I’m not comfortable even standing due to the possibility of a slight loss of equilibrium. The last thing I or anyone else needs is a shortcut bypassing the ladder.

The Play Yard

The Play Yard

Josh told me as a younger man he had worked at a RV Dealer to make some extra money. He also did an inspection of the the roof and seals. Afterwards he told me everything seems to be holding up well. No further repairs needed.

After he finished up the roof job we agreed on an amount for him to continue over the next few days. He will be hand waxing all of the Coach with “303 Aerospace Protectant”. I’ve have been using a Meguiar’s product on the Coach up to this point, but I’ve heard many comments on blogs and forums, of the quality of this product. I’ve noticed after three years the decals on the Coach’s front cap are starting to crack at the very top. I’m in hopes that this product will help delay the inevitable.

Cleaning the BasementWhile Josh worked on the outside, I started some projects on the inside. As small as my Coach is, it gets dirty quickly. Cleaning is a continual process, especially the dirt and dust. The deserts are worse for dust, but pulling the Coach on dirt and gravel roads takes it’s toll too as do the vehicles passing my camps.

I start out going through the storage cabinets in the bedroom and getting rid of anything I don’t need or use. I’ve gone through my clothes several times over the last couple of years. Some I dropped off at my storage when I was in California, but it seems to be a never ending job much like a sticks and bricks house. This process is even more critical when living full time in a RV due to the weight. As I eliminate items, putting them in the give away pile, I clean and vacuum all the cracks and crevices. This process ends up taking me several hours, including the basement. It feels really good to organized again.

Finally I took on the defrosting of my refrigerator. There’s no “auto defrost” on these small units. One nice thing about defrosting while here at homebase is I can put the contents into the refrigerator in the house for safekeeping while I do my chore.

The Bitterroot Beast

The Bitterroot Beast

This evening Bob, Janet and I headed out for Knapps Grill. A restaurant in town that specializes in great hamburgers. Even though we arrive early the place was already busy. We had a great meal, not the Knapps Bitterroot Beast, but a great hamburger and then headed back to the house to visit and relax, watching the dogs play, running freely on the big yards.

Tomorrow morning I will head out for the endodontics dentist in Missoula. Yep I have to have a root canal done. Last week I went to my Montana Dentist, Dr. Gannon. She recommended a root canal on a tooth that had been troubling me. Hopefully I caught it early enough to save.

Safe travels…Gary


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