Departure Checklist

The following Departure Checklist is what I use for my Coach and Workhorse when I am leaving a campsite. I have altered it many over the last couple of years, but I still use it! Especially when parked for awhile. It has saved me from many costly errors.

Please be aware, while not perfect this list works for me. I’m sure your list will be different. It’s a starting place and you’re welcome to copy or print this page.  Safe Travels

Preparation Before Departure Day
Propane tanks – Fill if needed
Generator fuel levels, Fill gas can
RV Batteries Ready – Charge Levels
Grease & Inspect Hitch


Vehicle Preparation Before Departure Day
Tow Vehicle and RV Tire Pressure
RV wheel Lug Nut Torque
Fuel Tow Vehicle Inspect Fluid Levels


Evening Before Departure – Outside
Store Chair and Recliner
Empty Waste Tanks (if connected, otherwise on exit) Add Treatment to Tank
Disconnect Sewer Hose and Store
Partially Fill Fresh Water Tank (five gallons for trip) Disconnect Water Hose – Store


Evening Before Departure – Inside
Sweep and/or Mop Floor (eliminating sm rocks)
Secure All Accent Pieces and Photos, etc.
Secure Laptop and Accessories
Lower TV Antenna (turn off power)
Secure Chairs/Furnishings


Departure Day – Inside
Secure Items in Refrigerator
Secure Counters, Shelves, Cabinets, Drawers (everything inside and closed)
Secure Shower Items, Secure Shower Door and Bathroom Door
Empty Trash
Turn Off AC, Heater, Refrigerator, Water Heater, Water Pump, Lights
Close Roof Vents and Windows (Double Check TV Antenna)
Bring In Slides (check all interior doors are closed)


Departure Day – Outside and Hitch Up
Close and Lock Entry Door – Bring in Safety Handle
Raise Steps
Shut Off Propane Tank Valves
Remove Wheel Scissor Tire Stabilizers
Raise Rear Stabilizer Jacks
Remove King Pin Lock
Lower Workhorse Tailgate
Disconnect 50 AMP Power Cord
Hitch Coach
Connect Coach Breakaway Switch Cable to the Workhorse
Connect Coach Power Cable to the Workhorse
Raise Front Leveling Stabilizers (about 7-8 inches depending on slope)
Store Leveling Blocks and Chocks
Lock All Basement Storage Doors
Turn On Emergency Lights – Walk Around Confirming All Ready – (TV Antenna, Doors)
Adjust Workhorse Mirrors
Test Pull – Then Bring up Front Stabilizers
Check RV breaks (as you pull away)
Empty Waste Tanks (if connected)


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