Anniversary 5 Years and Still Going

I’ve taken time out from my blogging, But Jagger and I have continued traveling to many places while heading North along the California and Oregon Coast. Many were remote having no internet access. It turned out to be the longest time I have been away from my blog. I guess theres a lot of catching up to do.

Zero Anniversary - Day One

It’s Hard To Believe – 5 Year Anniversary and Still Going

Jagger and I passed our five year anniversary last February 2019. During those five years, we’ve visited thirty states across America, towing the Coach over twenty-five thousand miles.

Check out the first day I accepted delivery of our home, “The Coach,” by following this link: Day-One

California Visit Early 2019

Leaving Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails Campground in Menifee, Ca, we traveled once again to O’Niell Regional Park and was able to capture our usual campsite for a few weeks. There we found our Southern California family and friends and my visit included Medical and Dental check-ups. It’s always nice to see old friends.

One of the struggles of the Full-time RV Lifestyle (that I have mentioned many times) is visiting the doctor for my regular and emergency visits along with the dentist.

My Son Justin along with my youngest granddaughter (one year) visited Jagger and me at our camp one day while we were camped here. We hiked, saw some horses and goats nearby and had a wonderful afternoon. All-the-while Jagger guarded us along the way.

For the first time visiting O’Niell Campground since starting our Fulltime adventure (2014), there was water in the Trabuco creek! While the quantity was not up to Montana standards, it was nice to see and made our walks even more pleasant.

Also this year, during my Southern California visit, I was able to meet up with several of my friends and coworkers for lunch and dinners. That’s always a special treat for me. Of course, while visiting the area my doctor and dental visits for regular check-ups were completed as usual.

Bad feeling

The campground here does attract a few people struggling with the cost of living. Some of those with families of young children. I notice them leaving their campsites early in the morning, heading off to work and returning late in the day. Most are living out of tents or small RVs. I feel for these families. The cost of living here in California is just unbearable, but some even more so. If you can find a small home for under half a million dollars, you’re lucky and apartments are at the $2000 a month level easily.

When camping, especially remote boondocking, you need to pay attention to your gut feelings. Be safe.

When I got back to my Coach from my Son’s house last night, two young men had set up camp next to ours. They had a campfire going and were laughing loudly, okay by itself. But Jagger didn’t like them for some reason, growling, and barking. This morning when I went out the first time they were still sleeping on the ground and later when I went out I was determined to be pleasant. I said good morning and all I got was a blank stare. Sad. I don’t have the same feeling about the neighbors on the other side of me who are camping in their Chevrolet Blazer. They were pleasant and we visited for a while. Later that day the two young men moved on and never came back.

Visit Santa Ynez Valley – Rancho Oso

Our next camp was at another Thousand Trails campground in the Santa Ynez Valley, inland from Santa Barbara. Our first-morning was especially enjoyable, sitting here enjoying the view before the sun comes up over the mountains. It’s a beautiful serene scene. Jagger looks like he is enjoying it also. Sitting in his special place watching out the Coach’s window. Actually; “what is he staring at?” It’s then that I hear the gobble, gobble. 🙂

We stayed a week at Thousand Trails Rancho Oso, then moved further north to a campground that we have visited before. San Simeon Beach Campground near the famous Hearst Castle. I didn’t visit the “Castle” this year but I did get the back end of the Coach waxed.

I always enjoy walks on the beach here, but some places Jagger is not allowed and he isn’t a happy camper.

Our next move was to Central and Northern California, but I’ll share that on the next post I write this one is getting a bit lengthy 😉

Safe travels till next time…Gary and Jagger

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