Full Time Insurance

Health Insurance

One important item not to overlook when considering the full-time lifestyle is health insurance. I am not very knowledgeable in this area so I enlisted my sisters’ insurance agent and they helped me navigate the process.

Most of you know a HMO insurance will not cover your needs when full timing. I ended up choosing a PPO plan (Blue Cross – Blue Shield of Montana). I also chose the Plan F which has no deductible. I’ve used this insurance several times now and whether I’m in Montana, Tennessee  Arizona or California it has worked well.

Medical Transport Insurance

Also as a backup, especially traveling solo as I do, I purchased “Travel Assist” from Good Sam. While I haven’t used it (hope I never have to) it stats they will cover medical emergency evacuation to a facility nearby or your home. They also provide transportation of your RV and tow vehicle back to your home and airfare for a travel companion, including your pet!