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Travel Journal – May 18, 2016 
Horton camp needs some gardening

Horton camp needs some gardening

We arrived safely early this afternoon at Horton BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Campground. Just like Tuttle Creek, this campground has developed sites with a picnic table and fire ring. The campsites were not in as good of shape as Tuttle Creek. Nor was the campground road. See my campground review for further details.

Family Visit

Bishop is one of my destination points this year. I haven’t seen my cousin Joyce and her husband Bill for several years and was looking forward to seeing them once again. Bill and Joyce have lived in the Bishop area for over forty-seven years. Since my old stompin’ grounds was Southern California, we spent little time visiting over the years. They were the first to introduce me to “backpacking” and camping in the mountains when I was quite young. What a great time we had.

We had many dinners out together and in their  home. They were great hosts and kept me entertained the entire visit.

Travel Journal – May 21, 2016 
Big Tree Campground - Bishop

Big Tree Campground – Bishop

Exploring New Places

Today Bill and Joyce picked me up for a day of exploring. First we went to their favorite campground, “Big Trees”. It’s a beautiful National Forest campground at about 7,000 feet. They bring their fifth wheel here often and have over the years.

From there we travel further up the highway to Cardinal Village Resort for a delicious breakfast. I borrowed the excerpt below from their website. It was a very unique place.

“Cardinal Village Resort is nestled in an aspen grove at the edge of the tiny community of Aspendell. The Village was built at the turn of the century to serve the gold mine which is located a short hike from the Lodge. The Mine changed hands several times and finally shut down in the late ’30’s. In 1946 Cardinal Village began serving fishermen and their families. Our resort is bordered to the west by Bishop creek with a picturesque pond teeming with trophy trout at the east of the property. The canyon is deep and beautiful. Every cabin has a breathtaking view of the majestic Cardinal Rock towering above it.”

Shortly before our breakfast was ready (they call your name), I faintly heard my name Gary…Gary…GARY ARE YOU DEAF 🙂 No it wasn’t my time, it was a lady sitting several tables over from us. Oh my gosh, what are the odds? It was a co-worker from the Orange County Register, Jenny and her husband. We enjoyed a short visit and I introduced her to Bill and Joyce. She lives in the Bishop area now, still working remotely.

Visiting the Next Camp

After breakfast we went outside and loaded up in their truck for a ride to Mammoth and check out the next camp at Twin Lakes where two of my boys will join me with their families and a couple of my grandchildren. Snow on the ground, yes it will be cold. The family insists on staying the course, even though they will be in tents. What an experience. I was scheduled to arrive a few days early, but Reserve America contacted me stating that many of the camp sites still had snow on them and they would not open until the Friday before Memorial weekend. That was when everyone else would arrive. I was thankful Bill and Joyce brought me here to observe first hand that it wasn’t too bad. The pictures may give a distorted view, since they have so much snow.

In the afternoon we stopped for an early dinner at Roberto’s Mexican Cafe in Mammoth. Another hit if you are in town. After our visit and early dinner, we headed back to camp and called it a day.

Travel Journal – May 22, 2016

Blog Hosting

Horton Camp View of Bishop Valley

Horton Camp View of Bishop Valley

This morning I woke, wanting to complete my blog’s transfer to a new hosting company. I spent some time on the phone and they were very diligent following up on all the changes I had made, but I was still getting an error porting. After almost an hour and being elevated to advanced support, we couldn’t nail down the problem I was having. They were able to post and everything was setup correctly. That’s when my experience working with computers and IT kicked in. What was different with my ISP connection? (Light Bulb slowly goes on here) I was using a VPN connection (a secure internet connection). I turned it off and wala it works. I am finally out of the woods and the Retired Vagabond is back on track at the new hosting servers.

Intense Experience

After that Jagger and I celebrated with a walk about the camp. Uneventful until I decided to change the direction of my solar panel to point into the morning sun. Jagger jumped up in the picnic table and I put his leash down so I had both hands free. This is not normally a problem, especially since nobody was even close to our camp. That’s when a dog, probably a lab-rottweiler mix comes through the brush on the creek side of our Coach, it’s owner nowhere to be seen. Jagger growls at him, jumps off the table and approaches the dog with his leash dragging. Jagger introduces himself and I wonder how this is going to end. Of course I think the worst. I recall Jagger repeatedly and he ignores me. They circle and seem to be okay. I repeat the recall again. Jagger come, and he does. Nice, woops he goes back as the dog turns and walks away or starts to anyway. I then call again and Jagger returns to me and give the stay command. Jagger did great. This was progress. The last few years are starting to pay off. Jagger goes into the Coach followed by one happy vagabond and waits for a treat he thinks will come and it does.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Horton Creek Visit – Bishop

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