Happy New Year

Jagger and I wish all of our Family, Friends and Followers A “Happy New Year”.

We are celebrating being Retired Vagabonds. I never dreamed there was so much to see in our country while sitting behind my desk during my working years. Of course Jagger has never known anything else!

To celebrate the coming year, we look back at 2016. Jagger and I are celebrating together where we’ve been throughout. It was difficult to chose just a few special pictures out of thousands taken during our travels this past year. If you enjoy the few below and would like to completely overwhelm yourselves click the link below. To see the stories behind the pictures of 2016 click: The Stories of 2016

What’s up next year? The wheels are already turning in anticipation. I’ve tried to tell Jagger there is so much to see out there, but he wants to stay in the Southwest, close to his buddies here in Arizona. “We’ll see Jagger.”

Safe travels…Gary

More Photos: The Year in Review 2016

2016 Pictures in Review

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