Headed West

Camp Parker Arizona
A stones throw from the River – Buckskin State Park Arizona
Packing up

The evening before leaving Buckskin Mountain State Park, Jagger and I started packing up for our final leg west to California.  I knew it would be a full travel day and wanted to leave early.

When traveling, I like to move no more than 150 miles at a time, after all I am not in a hurry.  This final leg of my trip west would be over 300 miles.  Our destination is O’Neill Regional Park, in  Trabuco Canyon.

Southern California was my home for most of my life.  It will also be the first time I need to fully depend on my new Solar Panel to have energy in my Coach for lights and other important fixtures, like the fresh water pump.

Anticipating the move
Anticipating the move

Tuesday morning we were up and on our way before 8:00 am.  Jaggar usually gets nervous when we move and he knows when it’s happening by the routine of packing up.

 I was pleased we actually got everything together and were able to get on the road early.  I am looking forward to seeing family and friends.  Although this trip will have some chores I need to accomplish.  I like to go to the same doctor, dentist and optometrist that I have been going to for years.  So this is one of the purposes of my trip back to California.  Also I will be doing my Taxes, ugh.  Like each of you probably feel this time of year.

Headed West
Headed West
The Drive

The drive west was thankfully uneventful, even though a wind warning was in effect.  We were able to get through the desert with less than 15 MPH gusts.  The next day however it was over 25 MPH. I am thankful I missed that.  I won’t travel when gusts hit the 25 MPH mark.  We drove straight to O’Neill Regional Park in Trabuco Canyon, only stopping shortly at a rest stop and having lunch.  Our arrival was shortly after 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

Camp O'Neill
Camp O’Neill

On arrival I eased the Coach into our assigned campsite and set up our O’Neill Camp.  The sites in general are a little tight for the Coach and we will be dry camping at $15.00 per night (senior price).  There is however quite a bit of room in between each of the sites.  The campground was very quiet, not a lot of guests here but my guess is the weekend will be packed as this is VERY close to populated areas of Orange County.

It feels good to be in the area I am so familiar with, however I feel the stress of the day to day life I once had here.

Until next time, Safe travels, Gary

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