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A Happy Jagger – Running Free

It’s been some time since my last post. Don’t you worry, our wheels are still turning! But it seems as though our passion for adventure has kept these paws on the steering wheel more than the keyboard. I have managed to sneak in some time during Jagger’s daily nap to take extensive notes in my journal along with pictures so we don’t skip anything. Someday I’ll catch up with postings for my past travel.

During the last month, I have been in Montana enjoying fun times with my Sister, Brother-in-law, a few neighbors, and friends. I also watched the first episode in the “Yellowstone” series on the Paramount channel that I have been posting about on Facebook.

Many of you know the series is being filmed by Paramount Pictures, with Kevin Costner directing on the Chief Joseph Ranch. The filming started over a year ago and I looked forward to watching it unfold, while delighting in the familiar landscape of the ranch I once called my “Home away”, the place I visited so many times when my Sister and Brother-in-law owned the ranch.

For ten years they put money and hard work into making it the ranch it is today. After I watched the first weekly release, I must say, don’t bother tuning in if foul language bothers you and it only went downhill. While many will enjoy the entertainment, I will most likely choose something else to watch.


Workhorse Waiting to Go

It’s the same old story, leaving family is a sad time. Today, as Jagger and I pull away from our Montana home, there is no Coach following behind. “Umm… Papa, I think we are forgetting something..” She has been at Sportland RV in Lolo, Montana. We dropped her off about a month ago for regular maintenance of the suspension, wheel bearings, and brakes. Also, they replaced the warranty part on the Norcold refrigerator that we were waiting on in Arizona. This part has been a thorn in our side and caused many days of delay, but it’s finally done.

The Workhorse glides along effortlessly as we make our way forty miles north to Lolo. Once arriving at Sportland RV, I go inside and find Brian. He gives me the rundown on what they worked on and instructs the staff to bring the Coach out of storage. I say thanks to Brian and wish him a good year. Jagger and I will most likely bring the Coach by this time next year if we come this way.


After hitching up and moving our stuff into the Coach, our tires start to turn and Jagger settles in his special place. He lets out a big sigh, sounding much like a disappointment. He knew, as well as I did, that we were a day and a half behind schedule. we pull away around 1:30 pm. A day and a half later than we were scheduled to leave. It looks like we’re going to be late picking up Sydney at the airport in Bozeman, but we’ll save that for the next post.

For now, wishing you…

Safe Travels, Gary and Jagger

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