Home Base – Settling In

Being back at “Home Base” with my “Coach’s” first visit, has been great.  During the past week or so I have been relaxing, reading a series of “Barnaby Skye” novels that were recommended sometime back by RV Sue and Crew.  I have enjoyed it, especially since it revolves around the pre-pioneer and pioneer days in the area I now call Home Base.  Also I have been doing some cleaning and general maintenance on the Coach.

As a side note: Home Base is the first camp that upgraded my electrical hookup to 50 amps so I could run my air conditioner when we have additional family members join us here in Montana later this Summer.  I feel pretty special here!

Remodel Completed
Finishing Up the Remodel
Finishing Up the Remodel

The house remodel is finished and I moved in last week.  I will be here until next Tuesday when I pull my Coach to Missoula for some more warranty work, about 50 miles away.  My refrigerator “electric” mode died about a month ago and I have been using the propane mode since.  Also a drive pin sheared off my rear Lippert electric stabilizers and made them inoperable.  Fortunately, this happened when I arrived here at Home Base.  I need to get everything back up to speed before I head out in September for more adventures.  After the repairs are completed, how ever long it takes I will come back home for more R & R and some family time.

Venturing Out

Only a few days since arriving at Home Base, have I ventured out for any exploration.  However we did go for a drive and check out a couple of  future “short trips”.  One was the National Forest Land at Bear Creek.  Partially developed in one area requiring a drive back in the forest on dirt roads too rough for the Coach. The other area was a campground with some pull through sites, but very tight for me.  I didn’t take any pictures 🙁 it was so crowded.  All the spots were full and several RV’s were still circling the wagons, but no space.  We moved on.

Later in the week I drove to Lake Como with my sister.  It had a nice campground.  Very small, I think 16 sites mostly pull  through with electric.  I may go here for a week or so later in July or early August.

Como Lake
Como Lake
Como Lake - Future Camp?
Como Lake – Future Camp?
Jagger’s Training

Jagger has made remarkable improvements in his obedience training.  Most of the time he is “leash free” here on the property, which I might add doesn’t have any retaining fence.  It’s been a blast to watch him run and chase a Frisbee.  His agility is remarkable.  Walking on the leash has also improved.  He really has learned a lot in just a few short months with me, under very unusual circumstances of moving all the time.  I have him signed up locally for some classes starting in July.  The class is really for me 🙂 – don’t tell Jagger though.

Safe travels until next time, Gary

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