Jagger Hijacks Vagabonds’ Blog

“Hi Vagabonders! It’s me, Jagger. Surprised? I figured you would be. You might ask how a dog can do this? Well I’ve been learnin’ a lot from my Dad. Observing him closely and he was silly enough to enter passwords without hiding them from me. After almost three years of watchin’, I’ve hijacked the Retired Vagabond blog until my demands are met.”

“Silly dad, falling asleep leaving me to my shenanigans.” I watched his eyes get heavy as he took that thing off the top of his head, placing it over his face. He let out a deep sigh then started making that funny sounding noise he does when he turns off his vision. I saw my chance and went for it.

I want to be able to post too! It takes a little longer with paws, but I can do it. I am pretty smart ya know! First I change his password to one he will never guess, now he’s locked out. Ruff to do, but yep, it’s done!

Dad Dozing

Here are my dog demands:

  1. I am given access to create my own account so my friends know it’s me when I post. Also, I will need my own email account so my fans can write to me. From what I’ve seen on my dad’s Facebook account, people love me!
  2. I get to post whenever I feel like it. I know there are other dogs out there watching over their parent’s shoulder and I think they should have fun things to read too.
  3. Dad can’t edit my posts! I have important things to say and even though he may not think they are blog worthy, he isn’t a dog.
  4. The more visits to my post, the more treats I get! I’m talkin’ good treats, not those “healthy” ones that he thinks taste good..They don’t!
  5. If I get comments on my post then I get an extra walk that day because I like being outside for everyone to see. He is my dad and I am the one they will have to answer to if they mess with him.
  6. If somebody shares my posts it proves that the people like me too! So I should get to have snuggle time in dad’s sleeping place. It’s bigger than mine and I think its only fair that we share. I don’t have a problem sharing my sleeping place with him.

Jagger Lost Dutchman SP

I’m not giving him the new password until he agrees to these demands, period.  Do you think I am too tough? He does feed me twice a day, but I don’t think I am asking to take over the dawg-house or anything.

Anyway we may be offline for a few days, at least until he agrees to my demands.

Safe travels…Jagger … I love to do this – I see him do it after every post 🙂 But now that I think about it, I should have my own sign off! 

Rover and out…Jagger

Checkout my About page: Jagger 🙂

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  1. Jeannie February 13, 2017
    • Jagger February 13, 2017
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