Lake Pleasant Spring Break

Towards the end of my stay in the desert this year, Jagger and I hitched up the Coach and made our way to Lake Peasant once again. Spring break is here and two of my grandkids are on their way to meet us.   I think it works out pretty good for their Mom and the boys. Spending school break at the lake is much better than a care center of some kind, and much less expensive for their Mom. Needless to say, Jagger and I always enjoy the company.

Our week flew by, filled with daytime thrills. We had many memorable day adventures and of course having at least one lunch at Dillons, the Marina restaurant. While the food is good, the prices are a little over the top for multiple visits.

Here is our Spring break adventure highlights in photos:

Janessa and her Blue Heeler, Jax, arrived Sunday afternoon to pick up her boys. She stayed for lunch and snuck in some play time with her buddy Jagger before heading home. As goodbyes were exchanged we sadly parted ways. Janessa and her family headed home while Jagger and I made our way back to Ehrenburg. I was delighted to see John had moved closer to the main gravel road. When pulling in I picked a spot across the way from his camp, setting up a “quick camp”. Jagger and I will only be here a few more days before continuing West for our Spring and Summer Trip.

Safe Travels… Gary and Jagger


More Photos: Lake Pleasant Spring Break

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