Long Summer Trail Ends

Back in Storage

Is it possible Jagger? The holidays are upon us once again. This year is our fifth year traveling “fulltime,” with the trusty Workhorse pulling our Coach. When first transitioning to this lifestyle traveling across the USA, seeing new landscapes and sights never seen was so thrilling. I don’t want to say it, but it has become the norm now. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t say boring. It’s just not the same excitement I once felt. What’s it feel like now to me? Normal life. Moving to a new location every three days to two weeks. Seeing new sights and visiting interesting places of historical nature. “Jagger, what’s it feel like to you?” He stares back at me, tilting his head slightly. “Crickets!” Traveling fulltime is all Jagger has known his whole life. When not in our Workhorse, he becomes excited when I let him know we are going for a ride. He has learned when I am preparing the Coach to move again and looks forward to the hours of travel ahead.

Final Leg

Back Yard – Winter is settling on the nearby mountains.

Pulling off the road leading to the storage area, the last leg of our trip which started in Quartzsite where we camped overnight at Holy Jim. We had moved there from our four-week stay in California. Our extended Summer ride ended here in Arizona; I pulled the Coach into her storage spot. She will rest for a little less than two months.  The very next day I left on a flight back to Montana while Jagger stayed with his friend Pheobe for a month.

Montana Visit

I had a few things to take care of back in Montana. For one, finishing a crown at the Dentist. When Jagger and I came through in June, my dentist had completed the prep work. Also other medical check-ups. By far the best part of going back was visiting with my Sister and Brother in law. This visit will be my only opportunity to spend any holiday time with them. While I was there, the winter weather continued to advance. The picture below was the day I boarded a flight back to Arizona.

Returning to Arizona

I returned to an excited puppy, at least at first, but I soon realized he was upset with me for leaving him so long I guess. He backed away, and it took a while for him to forgive my absence, but he did 🙂

Soon we’ll pull the Coach to an RV park up in the mountains above the Pheonix basin for a few months. Close enough to drive down the hill for a special event or two with the Arizona family. It will be one of the few times we are staying in one place for a couple of months in a very long time.

Jagger and I are looking forward to spending time with our family over the holidays after traveling over 7,000 miles this year exploring the Midwest. We wish each one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

Until Next Time…Safe Travels, Gary and Jagger

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