Montana Road Trip Begins

Travel Journal – November 30, 2013

It’s surreal, my dreams and planning are starting to come together today as travel to Montana, the “Big Sky Country” to establish my future homebase and apply for my much revered Montana automobile Drivers License.

My Sister and Brother-in-law picked me up at my modest home late on a warm afternoon and we’re off to the beach house they rented for the Thanksgiving holiday in Seal Beach, California.  There I will be spending the evening and night.

After arriving, finding a parking spot and settling into my assigned room, we take off to eat dinner at Walt’s Wharf restaurant in Seal Beach, near the beach on Main Street. They have enjoyed dinner at this nautical beachy style restaurant many times, but for me it was my first visit.  I ordered the Fish and Chips.  I was not disappointed, a very tasty choice.

After enjoying our meal and some good conversation, we head back to the house for a VERY short night! I awake sleepy, but somewhat refreshed at 2:30 AM and by 3:00 AM we are on our road trip in pursuit of Montana Big Sky.  It’s an exciting time for me as my dreams become reality. I am now sitting in the back seat of their Ford 250 4 x 4 truck, watching the story unfold before me.

More to come soon, safe travels…Gary

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