Return to Mesa, Az


Last week Jagger and I Returned to my Daughters’ property in Mesa, Az, from our extended California trip.  We came back for another visit with family and more maintenance work on the Coach, Workhorse, oh and Jagger.

House (Coach) Maintenance

We are still waiting on parts that were ordered a week ago on our visit to Orangewood RV.  Since Jagger and I call our Coach home, we usually have to take it in for evaluation, then pick it up and wait for parts to be delivered, then reschedule another visit for the actual repair.  Those not living full time in their RV’s have the luxury of dropping their coach off and pick up as late as the next camping season.

The technicians will be replacing several very large staples and then replace the rubber seal on my kitchen slide.  I am hoping this will finalize the first year “shake down” trip and the Coach repairs will slow down.  The Coach has now been towed 6,500 miles. The Workhorse just passed 25,000 miles and we will also be taking it in in for some regular service. Jagger and I have now traveled in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Jagger’s Check Up
Jagger's Maintenance Work :)
Jagger’s Maintenance Work 🙂

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over a year since I met up with Jagger and he became my sidekick.  Within a couple of weeks after picking him up, I took him to VCA Animal Hospital in Surprise, Az, for a checkup.  There over several visits, he got most of his shots along with a physical evaluation.

This year we will be going to the VCA pet clinic here in Mesa for his annual check up.  VCA seems to be a good alternative, but way more expensive than Jaggers’ primary Vet, Companion Pet Clinic in Hamilton, Mt.  We miss them but traveling like we do we must have alternatives everywhere we go.

I never was much for giving any of my dogs all of the shots available, since some of them are for things they won’t normally be exposed.  It’s been a little different for Jagger since we travel in so many areas, including beaches, forests and soon to be swamps.


So off to the vet next week for a Rabies shot and heart-worm testing.  Also I will be talking to the vet once again about the safest option for fleas and ticks.  Jagger and I have avoided flea and tick season in our travels.  That I know of, he has never had a flea and I have avoided treating him with anything.  But since we will be traveling in the Southeastern part of the USA for the summer, we will be exposed to those nasty critters which means the cure is better than the disease for both of us.

Yesterday I took Jagger in for his grooming visit here in Mesa.  I found a really good groomer for those interested, it’s A Day In Paradise in Mesa, Az.  They are reasonable and the facility seems very clean.  Jagger does well there too, no aggression, even with other dogs visiting the facility.

Getting the Coach Ready

Today I continue to wax the Coach in sections early in the morning, avoiding the heat.  Temperatures are getting warm here, in the low 90’s.  Also along with general Spring cleaning, I will be completing some annual maintenance items, like flushing the hot water heater and blowing out the refrigerator and propane heater with compressed air.

Just a few minutes ago I received a call from Orangewood RV, telling me the warranty work was approved for the seal on the kitchen slide.  Grand Designs has been a great company to work with.  Almost all of the work on the Coach this first year was approved for the warranty and very quickly.  I’m definitely glad I purchased their product.

Well I better get busy.  Many things to finish before I start my travels to Texas, then on to Georgia.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

More Photos: Return to Mesa, Az

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