Should I Continue Full Time: Are these wheels going to make it?

Another Drizzly Morning – Introspection of a Retired Vagabond

Jagger seems lethargic, not his normal perky self. Maybe it’s because of another wet morning. I can relate, feeling stiff and sore as my feet hit the floor. This dreary weather can get depressing, “we’ve gotta snap out of it, Jagger”. Our guest, my friend Sydney, who arrived a day ago was waking as I started the coffee. Living in such a small area the privacy can be short. It could be worse, at least I have a separate bedroom in the Coach.

20170423 SantaCruz (35)With only a few exceptions, Jagger and I have been traveling “full time” for over three years now. Usually staying a week at each camp and then moving on to another area to explore. This adventurous lifestyle has become routine for Jagger and me. The newness has faded whereas my “Bucket List” is still thriving. As Jagger hops up in his chair next to mine, I soak in the aroma of my morning coffee. The first sip is always so soothing, extending an invitation to get lost in thought. I quickly find myself in a spot I wander too often, questioning life. A place many of you probably find yourself, asking the same questions over and over throughout your life, only to find a temporary answer for the season you are in.

20170428_133401Finding myself in new places, with time on my hands, I contemplate my thoughts:

(1) Am I truly content with my unique lifestyle?

(2) Do I still find enthusiasm in visiting new places?

(3) Why do I doubt God will provide when time and time again he has throughout my life?

I’ve had these questions floating around in my head since I retired, which was over three years ago. The first question is answered pretty easily. I can’t afford to travel and explore on my limited retirement income with the cost of a “sticks and bricks” home. I feel I would be more sedentary in an “S & B” home. Traveling allows me something to look forward to and keeps me moving, staying engaged. I try to exercise often and challenge my mind by reading and writing, like here on my blog. In summary to question one, yes I believe so today.

To answer the second question, yes I enjoy the travel and most often meet new people who share my lifestyle. Getting on the road and seeing new things, even little things like a new horizon or formations of mountains and trees inspire me. Creation, in general, inspires me, lets me know I am not alone, ever.

This brings me to question three, by far the hardest one of all, not just now but throughout my life. How will I continue to travel with an aging Coach and Workhorse, now needing repairs more frequently? This is an area, I’m sorry to say, that I didn’t plan as well for, nor expect!

So far my unexpected repairs are hitting $1500 to $3000 per year. Most of this is due to my unfamiliarity with diesel engines. I was unaware that the maintenance was so much higher than a gas engine. While in itself, this isn’t a deal breaker, it adds up especially on my fixed income. I guess the answer ultimately is back to find some additional income. I thought at one time sharing my travels on this blog may bring in some additional income, but the cost of publishing with the proper protections and format is costly. If you remember, I retired from the Information Technology field and know what evils lurk on the Internet. I try to protect the website from hacking, filter thousands of spam comments and protect the readers (you). My friend Sydney suggested selling my photography which I am looking into now. Also, I think I may be interested in Camp Hosting for limited times, but this option ties me down for periods of time.

This leaves a huge unnumbered question. Actually for all of us at any age. What should I do for my future? I am still thinking on this one in my short term depression today. There isn’t a perfect answer, it seems it will linger on my mind for days to come. I really think I’m doing the best I can for myself at this time in my life. Not perfect, but is it ever? Thanks for indulging me to vent here. I believe there are some out there, maybe many that have the same questions about their direction in life. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. I would love to hear them!

Acquiring Transportation

Sydney, our guest, is very familiar with the area we now call home, at least for the next few days. Following her directions, we take a ride in the Workhorse to look at a used bike she found on Craig’s list. Arriving at the seller’s home we are greeted by a couple who had the bike out for display. It was a little rough around the edges, but exactly what Sydney was looking for. Her goal was to find a cheap ride to last a month during our travels.  She didn’t have an inexpensive way to get it home, so the plan was to donate it to a second-hand store in Washington, where she will then fly back home. After a short ride around, she made her purchase, then we loaded it in the back of the Workhorse. There it would live when not being ridden for the next month while we travel another thousand miles.

I’m afraid I have again rambled on and must end this post abruptly. I will publish the continuation of our Santa Cruz adventure in the next post early next week. Thanks

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

More Photos: New Brighton State Beach


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