Snowbound in the Coach

IMG_20181231_130746I was supposed to hitch up the Coach and pull her over to On The Road Again RV repair. Well, that’s not happening today. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on the snow melt.

After the storm we had on New Year’s day, the temperatures just haven’t got above the freezing point enough to melt the snow and ice. While the city of Payson has relatively dry streets now, the campground has many trees and a steep, now ice covered road leading out. Meanwhile On The Road Again waits for me to bring the Coach. All of the parts are in for the Rubber Roof replacement, I just need to get the Coach over to the facility. I might add here that they have been very patient and accommodating. 

Why can’t I just hook up the Coach and just drag her out?

IMG_20181231_132243I’ve asked myself this question. Maybe I could? Getting the Workhorse out of the campground is no problem. It will never cease to amaze me how he climbs through almost every challenge. Just drop it into four-wheel drive and it seems solid going up the icy road and out onto the main street. 

IMG_20181231_114145On the other hand, the Coach is five tons of dead weight on four wheels being pulled up that hill on a snow-covered, icy road. I’m just not willing to take the chance of blocking the only exit for the campground. I am comfortable here in my warm home, looking out the window at the melting snow. Occasionally going for a walk, stopping for Jagger to frolic in the soft along the trail. 

Stuck in Payson snow.

Safe Travels…Gary and Jagger

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