Stop! – Turtle Crossing

Fields of Green
Fields of Green

This morning we are headed East once again. I always enjoy the traveling day after the Coach is hitched up and before we arrive our next camp. The miles and scenery pass by my window. Jagger sleeps a lot in the back seat.  Occasionally when I can find a place to stop we take a break and walk around.

I drive slowly, usually around 55 MPH on the Interstate, but slower on auxiliary highways. Some of the highways are in disrepair and have many pot holes. Today Jagger and I drive straight through the Texas panhandle, with one Rest stop. Our destination is the Double D RV Park in Texola, Oklahoma.

It’s just off Interstate 40, however Google tells me to exit at Route 66, which was again was not the most convenient or in any way shorter.  I wish I would have taken some pictures when I was searching for the Double D.   Route 66 is two lanes here with absolutely no traffic.  Even grass is growing up through the cracks in the road, the medians and shoulders. The rusty “66” signs along the way proclaim its once glory days.  What few old buildings we pass are mostly vacant, with only a few exceptions.

Gas Station in Disrepair
Gas Station in Disrepair

I drove for a while, but Google wanted me to turn around, hmm. Out of desperation I finally call Double D RV Park, the lady who answers the phone acts like I am crazy when I tell her what’s around me. Finally she gives me a hint to find her location, it works, whew.  We arrive and attempt to locate the office. It turns out to be a very basic, old gas station in somewhat disrepair on a farm with an old RV Park for overnight campers. Man, I am on the property and can’t find where to check in and I am pulling my Coach around behind me.

Oh, I see a VERY small paper sign in the somewhat dusty Gas Station window “RV Park Check In”.  I go in and pay my $15 overnight fee, which includes full hook ups.  Then back to Jagger impatiently waiting in the Workhorse. We then drive a short distance to site 11 where we will be spending the night.  The place was almost empty.  Looks like maybe the only other two here were permanent guests.  It was fairly late, but another five or six campers pulled in for the night.

Evening Walk

We take a couple of loops walking around the small park and I snap a couple of pictures as the sun sets on today. Another great travel day huh Jagger.

Early Start
Lonely Rest Stop
Lonely, No Frills Rest Stop

Jagger I wake early, eat breakfast, then off to our next stop. As we are leaving we note the other late arrivals are also packing up for the days drive.

Would I stay here again, Yes.  The price is right, it’s quiet and close to the freeway. A perfect overnight in a safe, scenic place.

We continue over marginal roads at times before arriving at Onapa RV Park and Campground in Checotah Oklahoma.  It’s a small RV Park near Lake Onapa. There is no office, just a sign as you enter the property suggesting you find a good spot and set up camp.  They will be around to check you in and collect the fees.  It’s a very nice camp and the owner lives right on the property with his wife and kids.

Onapa RV Park and Campground, Checotah OK
Onapa RV Park and Campground, Checotah OK

The next morning Jagger and I walk around the park and part of the way to the lake, which is a block away.  When returning to the park we stopped to briefly visit with one of the owners.

I was just curious, I told her, “is that a storm shelter next to my site?”.  Why yes it is, said replied. I told my husband I wouldn’t move to Oklahoma, unless there was a storm shelter, He built me one as soon as we moved here with the children.  Considering all the storms Jagger and I had been watching as we approached the area, it sounds like a good idea to me.

Out For A Drive

Later that day, Jagger and I drove to the market and on our way back went to the Lake Onapa, which was only a short 1/2 mile drive.

“Turtle Crossing” ahead and yes I see it Jagger.  Oh there are several little guys making their way across the street.

So why did the turtle cross the road?  I’m not sure he is still crossing.

I waited for a long time, then proceeded around them slowly. I felt like getting out and moving them across the road, but I didn’t.

On returning to the Coach, we had dinner and closed this chapter at another camp in Oklahoma. Tomorrow morning we leave for Arkansas.

Until next time, Safe Travels …Gary

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