Full Time Rver

A Welcome Visitor

“Haven’t you ever heard of the ‘Velcro Dog’? That’s what they call Aussies, they don’t want to be too far away from you”, she says. It turns out she trained dogs most of her life. While talking, I went back to the Workhorse and opened my door to get my water, yep Jagger came running, he thought I was leaving him …

Lake Elsinore Stop Over

After checking in the Host helps me back in my Coach and get settled. Here Jagger and I will take long walks by the lake and enjoy time with family living in the area. Also my cousin, who I haven’t seen in many years will be visiting from Colorado for a few days.

The Flu Hits Again

Buzz..buzz..buzz. At 4:30am I am awaken, maybe it was the vibration of my cell phone on the small table next to me, I pick it up and the bright Android face blinds my sleepy eyes. It’s my Daughter texting me that yet another family member has contracted the flu bug.