The Big Splash

Bridge to Dog Island

Bridge to Dog Island

Another day here in North Fork, Idaho started out beautiful.  Sun shining and in the seventies once it got going.  The plan was to drive to North Fork which is actually several miles north of us, then down a road to a place called Shoup country.  There is a gift store and a number of hiking trails.  I am told the road is paved several miles, then turns into dirt continuing down to Middle Fork. Right after breakfast Jagger had to go for his morning constitutional.  After a few visits with neighbors along the way we were ready to take off for the drive to Shoup Country. Well Jagger had the desire to go for another walk, so we went to “Dog Island” for a few minutes for a romp in the weeds.

All Goes Well Until

As before, Jagger ran and ran all around that Island.  Occasionally buzzing me at 20 mph, I think just to see if I would flinch.  I really enjoy watching him run free.  Then Jagger saw a large Robin off in the distance and decided to chase him and have a little fun.  Well I saw Jagger run across the Island full speed, then over a small knoll with tall weeds, about knee high.

The Infamous "Knoll" Dog Island

The Infamous “Knoll” Dog Island

I waited for him to return for a few minutes, but no Jagger.  I then issued a return command, but no Jagger.  I thought maybe the Robin had carried him off or worse maybe he fell in the river on the fast running side of the Island.  So I started walking quickly that direction to check on him.  On reaching the knoll I see Jagger laying in the weeds at the edge of a small pond that was in the middle of the Island.  He was completely drenched.  He looked like the proverbial “drowned rat” and was choking a little.

Jagger's Pond

Jagger’s Pond


Oh-No Jagger

I was somewhat shocked, not realizing that the pond existed and of course worried about him.  I called him and he got up, sputtered a little more, but seemed okay.

What Happened

Since I wasn’t there to see Jagger’s plunge the only thing I can do is guess.  As the ground comes up over the little knoll there is about a two foot drop off into the pond.  As steep as it was, I am surprised he was able to crawl out.  Probably with the speed he was running he was unable to stop and off he went for a morning dip in the icy cold, slimy water.  What a mess, especially after rolling in the dirt.  The only thing left to do was pack up and go back to the Coach to give him a much needed bath.  My only regret was things happened too fast to get photos! I guess North Fork will wait until another time.

Safe Travels, Gary

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