The Count Down Continues

Travel Journal – February 3, 2014

It’s impossible for me to believe that over four months have passed since I retired.  During most of this time I have been preparing for February 10th, just 7 days away now.  It’s amazing to me how much time is needed for research alone, not counting the major purchases I have made as a result of my decisions.  Traveling to Montana for my license and setting up my address, then flying to Oregon to pick up the Workhorse.  Also the many hours of minimizing my possessions I have been working on since last November 2013.

Of course not all my time was dedicated to Rving and packing.  I have spent a few days each week volunteering at my grandsons’ elementary school here in Orange County. Book Worm It was fun being involved with them, their classmates, friends and the staff.  Last Thursday I spent with Seth’s class, the First grade and Friday I spent with Aiden’s class, the Third grade.  Each had their on going weekly projects and papers to grade. Of course every school day has lunch time that we all look forward to.

Usually when I volunteer, I drive to a local restaurant to buy a special lunch for Nana and our boys.  We eat at the children’s tables and help out a little bit with the supervision in our area. I really look up to the teachers and staff, not just at our grandsons’ school, but education in general. It’s a difficult and important job. I don’t know how the teachers can be so energetic every day, still be sane, and a smile to boot. There aren’t very many negatives for me when balancing my adventure Rving, but this will be one of the BIG ones.  I will miss those smiling faces, but next week I will have to say so long until I return.

Last Friday

“All Green Recycling” picked up several old computers,  a number of Monitors All Green Recycling(CRT), miscellaneous electronics, a 19″ and 32″ Television, along with a number of hard drives I am having destroyed.   They did an efficient job, on time and didn’t charge anything, other than the destruction of the hard drives.


Back to packing up my house and moving a few items I am keeping, into storage. I have the item’s I am taking on my adventure, down to less than 750 pounds.  Well under the weight limit on my coach.  Monday I will be making one last trip to the Staging for the Adventure Goodwill store.  Then packing a few remaining boxes at the end of the week as I finish items I am still using on a daily basis.  Next Saturday and Sunday will be cleaning days.

If all goes as planned I will be spending my last night in my sticks and bricks home next Sunday night. I don’t plan on sleeping much, but I hope I will as Monday will be a long day.  When waking first thing on Monday morning I will say goodbye to my home of ten plus years, put the boxes I have staged in my workhorse and drive to my orientation for my new coach.

It’s exciting to think I am that close to something I have dreamed about for a long time, but a little scary at the same time knowing there is much to learn and experience just a week away.  I will keep you posted as the process continues.  Stayed tuned.

Safe travels…Gary

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