The Last Few Weeks – Snowbird Retreat

Travel Journal – March 20, 2016

Outside my door at Lost Dutchman

Moving on once again. I spent a week here at the Lost Dutchman State Park. It’s very peaceful and the views are beautiful. Most of the campsites are for dry camping (no electricity, water or sewer) so I brought out the solar suitcase. While the Dry Camp sites are priced only $20 per night, the sites that do have utilities are close to each other.

Just like most State Parks, there is a Dump Station here and a place to take on some fresh water. I purchased a two eight gallon water bladders at Wal-Mart to shuttle water from any freshwater source to my Coach if I ran low, and I did this time! When I arrived I was running late. I had to be at my daughter’s home when her boys got home, so when I arrived I skipped the water station and went right to my site. During the week I shuttled somewhere around 50 gallons of water to the Coach. One of the nice features of my Coach is the water pump can be set up to pump water from the bladders into the Freshwater holding tank of the Coach. I definitely used that feature this trip.

All my focus while staying here, was on my family as I prepare to once again leave Arizona for a number of months. People camping here in RV’s and Tents probably wondered why I was camping here and gone from early morning until 9:00 each night 🙂 I did have grand children spend the night a few times. Good memories stored away.

Travel Journal March 21, 2016
Moving On – Usery Mountain Regional Park

This morning Jagger and I are packing up and moving the Coach to Usery Mountain Regional Park only 30 miles away. There we will spend one more week, again spending most of the time with family as this will be the last week before we start heading towards California for the several months.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary

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