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My friends! It’s so good to be writing on my Papa’s blog once again! My excitement is hard to contain in such a short tail. Finally, my side of the story is comin’ out.. which is more accurate than my papa’s. He forgets the good parts sometimes!

My happy place.
If you remember, I hijacked the blog several weeks ago and had a list of six demands. All of these were met by my Papa (Retired Vagabond), I’m pretty smart ? Please take extra note on demand #4,  I made it stand out here so you could all see it clearly, I like being a helper.

The more visits to my post, the more treats I get! I’m talkin’ good treats, not those “healthy” ones that he thinks taste good..They don’t!

It’s my favorite demand and I’m looking forward to some good treats real soon so make sure to share this post with all of your friends!

Here’s a pic of where the gold is hidden! Pretty obvious I think..

Traveling is full of amusing days and fascinating smells. Every stop we make is a new adventure for me. I feel like my Papa has finally accepted me into his pack, which includes his Pups and Grand-Pups. I don’t know what it is, but every time we meet up with the Grand Pups call out to Papa, I get excited and can’t hold my “wiggle” inside. My stubby tail starts shaking and I burst, jumping for joy! We dance around our Papa like little Indians singing to the heavens. Once Papa settles us down, I look around with contentment. The smile on my face is incapable of holding my tongue in my mouth.  I like this pack and they are mine.

Recently we settled near a colossal pile of dirt and rocks. While there, the Grand Pups each took turns visiting Papa and I. One time I heard papa tell a story of a man hiding gold in that big pile of dirt. Now this I understand! But I would think if he wanted to hide it he wouldn’t have used so much dirt, it’s pretty obvious! I think he needs a lesson in hiding his special things. If anyone knows him please let him know I am happy to teach him.. Anyway, back to my story!

It was a blast playing and going for hikes, but the best part was when Papa would let me run free, like at our home where all the horses play. Soon enough we had to move on, I was so tired after all of that work, I settled in the cool place I like in the truck, hoping we were headed back for one last visit with my friends.

My eyes shot open when I felt a shift in the speed of the truck. I hopped up onto the seat to get a better look at the perimeter. The trees had shrunk! This must be some kind of a trick or bad dream. I took a deep breath of air, the smell triggering a memory. “Haven’t we been here before?” I really need to teach papa how to speak dog.

Once we stop, a stranger approaches our Horse.  I was very cautious, letting out my “big dog” growl with a few quick sniffs. This human smells familiar; Papa quickly confirms, “Hi John, it’s been awhile. So good to see you again.” Maybe he does know how to speak dog. It can’t be, when I last saw John (you may remember him as Tennessee) his home was in a bunch of trees! I hope he didn’t shrink too.. I like this human. He throws my Frisbee and my yellow tennis ball for hours! Note to self: Find yellow ball.

She spoils me and I like it!

That night I ran free in the desert, chasing the Frisbee for hours. I really need to find my tennis ball. It’s got to be around here somewhere. Distracted once more, I hear my kibble fall into my special bowl. After my dinner I settle at Papa’s paws, listening to them share stories. This makes my eyes heavy, as I fill my lungs with content I drift off into a deep sleep once more. 

I think she likes me too.

While dreaming of my last playtime with my Grand-Pups, I hear Janessa giving me my orders as she said goodbye, “you should always protect Papa on your travels and give him lots of kisses,” I tilted my head a little in question, my papa doesn’t like it when I protect him from humans or dogs that get too close sometimes. “I know he gets a little upset about it occasionally but I trust your judgement.'” I love Janessa, she understands me.  She continues, “if he tells you to stay off the furniture, it’s okay to nestle in, keep him warm and plant a big smacker on him when it’s time for breakfast.” As she and her boys walk away I let out a whimper. My Papa pets me for comfort, waking me up from my dream.

As the sun leaves the sky, John says goodnight to us both and goes back to his place. I stretch and shake the dirt off, following my Papa into the Coach for the night.

Well, it’s been fun, but the sun is back up now, time to wake up my Papa! He’s wasting the day away!

Rover and out.. Jagger.

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