Tasks and Packing Up

I woke up to a bright sunny sky, but I see smoke or a strange fog out my window. I don’t smell a fire burning, but I do know there is a fire just a few miles away. I have some concern.

After getting dressed, I step outside to take a look. With the cold weather rolling in the Snake River must be warmer than the outside air temperature, which is the cause of “the fog”. It’s just hovering over the river and adjoining banks. I first saw it over the bushes and trees by our campsite. Kind of eerie looking. I go back in the Coach and start the coffee.

I’m getting a few tasks done today, which includes updating “The Retired Vagabond” blog. Somedays I have writers block and can’t seem to put anything to “paper”. I always thought that was an excuse for writers, but now I believe it to be true. I sit and stare at the screen sipping my coffee.

Late morning I take Jagger for a walk around the campground  and meet our new neighbors who pulled in late last night. They’re a nice couple from Oregon, Richard and Melissa. Traveling with them are their two young children.

After visiting for awhile I learn they are camping their way to Kansas and only staying here one night. Their plan is traveling to the Grand Tetons and then up through Yellowstone. I warned them about the fires in South Yellowstone and the road closure they may find.

What a great adventure for a young family. We continue to visit for awhile before I excuse myself so they can finish packing up their camp for another leg of their adventure. Later they wave goodbye and travel down the road.

This afternoon I loaded one of my propane tanks and the laundry in the Workhorse. Yes it’s that time again. After lunch Jagger and I will visit Idaho Falls. There we will get the propane tank filled and do the laundry.

The Snake River – Channel by Falls Campground – Sky becoming Cloudy

As we are getting ready to leave the clouds start moving in. According to the weather service it’s supposed to rain here this afternoon.

First Street Wash N Dry

We load up and drive to Idaho Falls. First the laundry gets done. I never thought I would ever visit so many different laundromats all over our country. Some I felt I needed a bullet proof vest, but if it wasn’t clean I would just move on. I luck out, the laundromat I chose is a nice, very clean one. As a tip: I use Google reviews to weed out the less desirable ones. It’s pretty accurate. I often leave my own review and pictures for those that follow me.

With that out of the way I stop at a propane filling station. Then we head to the local Walmart. I pick up a few items, mostly food. This should last us until we get to Utah. Our next campground in Southern Idaho is very remote.

We take the long route to our camp, driving backroads. I find it’s a more interesting drive, you never know what you will see or learn. Get off the busy highway!

Back at camp I pack up our outside toys. Then work on putting away as much as I can inside the Coach this evening. You guessed it, tomorrow we will be leaving early once again for our camp in southern Idaho, not too far from Utah. We’re making good progress South and getting excited to see my family and friends.

Safe Travels…Gary




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