Prologue: There was a time I wasn’t sure Jagger would work out,  due to our aggression issues. He seems to be doing better each day.  It’s still a struggle for me due to his size, but I think we can get past it as I learn what he can tolerate. He is a puppy stuck in an adult dog body.


The Meeting

Jagger is an Australian Shepherd born on October 14, 2013 in West Virginia.  He is black with white markings and tan points, and light blue eyes.

As a very young puppy he was transported to a breeder, via a crate (kennel) by ground to Arizona.  There he was to become a Stud for a hobby breeder. In February 2014 after inquiring about owning an Australian Shepherd for my lifestyle, the breeder thought one would be a match for me.

The breeder had planned a litter for the spring, but it didn’t materialize and they wouldn’t have any puppies available before I headed north after picking up my coach in Arizona.

Jagger 8 Months Old
Jagger 8 Months Old

We continued our contacts over several months as I prepared for living Full Time in my new fifth wheel home. When arriving in Arizona with my new home, after contacting the breeder again, she told me they had a six month old puppy that regretfully they were going to return to West Virginia.  They asked me if I would be interested in taking him.  After a few visits and consulting with my son who used to raise seeing eye dogs, I picked him up in April 2014.


I have grown close to Jagger over the past few months.  We are together 24/7, and he has learned all the basic commands and leash training.  We are still working on “heal command” and his “dog/leash aggression”.  We have traveled over 10,000 miles together so far, seen untold sights and still going.

It hasn’t all been fun. Discouraging times were his endless bout of stomach issues lasting over two months before finding the right food for him after the giardia infection.  Nursing him after his neutering surgery. Socializing him at an older age has been tiring and still ongoing. First noticed was his fear of some people and still his leash aggression with other dogs.


What training and discouragement I missed as a very small puppy, I more than made up since.  We finished a “basic training” class together this summer, spending most of the classes in the “dunce” corner (side yard).  We also spent many hours after class and during the weeks with our trainer Jewel and eventually her puppy Shasta (The Joy Animal).  Still we have issues with other dogs, but he is improving and between the two of us we will conquer this aggression.

Jagger has finally made some friends at home in Montana

In all Jagger is a perfect companion for me. Together we will conquer his dog aggression and experience traveling full time in our fifth wheel, seeing the country we live in.

Jagger at Lost Dutchman State Park – 3 years old