Is That a Smile I See?

Getting Hitched

Gettin’ Hitched

Today, Jagger and I get up early and were on our way before seeing the sunWhy you ask? Afterall I’m retired, right? Well I have an appointment to get some much needed Workhorse maintenance completed and I’m camped about twenty miles away from the facility. The service visit will include the first front end alignment I’ve had done in 63,000 miles. ADS Auto Repair Specialities will also be changing the oil, rotating my tires, checking the Workhorse overall, including the brakes.

I made my first stop at my daughter’s house, leaving Jagger in the backyard. I said a quick hello to her in the driveway and saw her off to work then continued on to the shop. Thankfully, they are close to my daughter’s and they don’t mind giving me a ride back to her house to wait comfortably.

Lake Pleasant Marina

Lake Pleasant Marina

During the day I make reservations for the first few weeks in January to extend my stay here in the Phoenix area. Late January and early February I will  traveling West to the Quartzite area, where I will catch up with a few fellow travelers. Also I make a reservation for Lake Pleasant in March. It will be a busy time there due to Spring Break for many schools here in Arizona. Even though it’s over three months away, there were only a dozen sites left. I snagged the last one that’s on the end with a view of the Lake. I’m already excited about both camps, and the people I will be there with.

Like many other days while staying in this area, I visit with a few grandchildren after school, while their Mom is at work. Close to 5:00 pm, Janessa arrives at home and takes me to pick up my truck from the shop.

We stop for a quick bite to eat, then head to the bike shop to have Aiden and Seth’s bikes serviced. They will be bringing them out to Lake Pleasant during their Spring Break vacation.

After picking up Jagger, I head back to the Coach, enjoying the drive as I go. It always feels good after having your vehicle serviced. Are you that way? I’m not sure why, but I enjoy the drive while putting on a few more miles. It reminds me of the Disney movie “Cars”, picturing the Workhorse with a proud smile on the grill. I have a lot of fond memories of this movie with the grand kids as they grew up.

I take a deep breath as a very productive day comes to an end. Jagger then takes his deep breath from the backseat, reminding me of his presence. I turn back to see those baby blues waiting for an invite, “Ok, ok. Come on up.” Jagger quickly takes his place in the “Shotgun” seat, resting his head on the center console. I could be imagining it but I’m pretty sure I see a slight grin form on Jagger’s handsome face as he closes his eyes. I enjoy his company.

Safe Travels…Gary

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    • Hey John it’s good to hear from you. Glad I’m helping someone shape their future. It’s a great way to retire. I’m seeing so much, more than I could ever document or thought I would see in my lifetime. The people I meet along the way are friendly and of course we have a lot in common. I only wish I could have done this a few years earlier.


    • Thanks for the comment John, I hope all is well in the North. It’s still in the forties at night along the coast. Moving day today, another 200 miles north and I’m having battery issues again camp here in the trees. I may still have to buy new batteries before I get to Montana this year 😦


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