What is Excessive Maintenance?

That’s a question I would like My Ram Truck manufacturer, Chrysler to answer.

Visiting Our RV Dealer

I didn’t leave Southern California soon enough and racked up another big maintenance bill for the Workhorse and since I’m still in California add another 9.00% sales tax to the parts!

BTW: I was in Arizona in December and January of 2020 and spent $1700 on the Workhorse there. Previously in October of 2020, I was in Washington and spent $4000 on the Workhorse there. I need some help supporting these states, I feel alone 😉

So Chrysler, what constitutes excessive maintenance? I’ve better than met all of my required/suggested maintenance for the Workhorse and adding up all of the services to just my Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4×4 with a Cummings Diesel, including tires, it comes to $300 plus average for each month of driving it.

In addition, I stopped by America’s Tire Store to purchase the fourth set of tires for the Coach, and repairs to the bedroom slide and several Front Decals replaced at Mike Thompsom RV. So I did my share and more for California’s economy considering I was here less than two months visiting my Son and his family.

While I do save on my living expenses as I travel, traveling Full-time is not as cheap as some think or advertise.

Jagger and I have now landed a little further North, near Lone Pine, California at the base of Mt. Whitney.

Safe Travels Gary and Jagger

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  1. Hi, Gary – good post, but sorry to hear of your costly maintenance challenges.

    We were fortunate with our Ford f150 Ecoboost 3.6 gasser. Only basic maintenance; one tranny flush, one brake job in 150,000 miles. Changed oil every 7,000+ and air filter myself every 10K. 45,000 miles of towing on the fifth wheel and only needed one new set of tires in 7 years. Now moving into a permanent home in two weeks in Ft Myers…end of our life on the road, but the wife earned what she wants so that’s it.

    There is a great western movie museum in Lone Pine that will knock your socks off. Worthy of an afternoon or morning. Alabama Hills kept us occupied for almost a week. Up the road is Bishop and they have a city RV full hook-up facility in downtown for $25 a night (unless they raised their rates.)

    Also up the road is a terrific bristle cone pine forest, well worth the drive to see these ancient trees. Nearby is Bodie, perhaps the finest ghost town in America. A bit of a hike in the Workhorse but well worth it. Lots of lakes, hiking, fishing all over that area. Mono Lake is also interesting and there you’ll hear the story of LA draining all the water resources out of the area.

    Regardless of the $$ hurdles, in my mind the RV life is the best there is. Keep on truckin’ my friend.


    • Hey Rob,

      This is my second attempt, having trouble with my website since I migrated to a new hosting company.

      My experience Full TIme traveling has been great too! I have you and Jan partially to thank for that. Following you two on Sprinter Tours back in 2013 got me to thinking.

      My Ram has been good for towing, just too expensive. I wonder if getting a 3500 would have helped with as much towing as I do and my rig is right at the top weight for a 2500, but I do have wiggle room. I knew it was costly, but when I researched my Mint.com account activities, I was shocked to see a total expense of $27,000 in 7 years. No wonder I’m broke most of the time! I’ve considered buying a new truck, but it too would be costly. At least the Workhorse is paid off.

      While I enjoy my travels, I’m ready to settle back down after 7 years and 45K miles of towing. Not sure when or if I ever will. I may keep going until I don’t! I have slowed way down, staying two or three weeks in areas where my family live, which is basically the West coast loop. I’ve come to depend on Thousand Trails to cut my cost down, but not my favorite way to camp at all. Glad you guys found a place to call home. In my next life I’ll plan a better exit strategy.

      Take Care


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