Glacier National Park



It took me some time to write this post, writers block.   Maybe it was due to the subject.  I had been looking forward to seeing the pristine National Park named Glacier, but right off on arrival to Columbia Falls, where we stayed at the Columbia Falls RV Park, it didn’t feel special.  It was a nice high end park and the only one I could find reservations for the seven days we would be staying. The staff was pleasant, facilities were clean, but sites a bit too close after having all the room I wanted at home for over a month.  I was spoiled!

Columbia Falls City Park

Columbia Falls City Park

Also and most paramount, the park was FILLED with pets, specifically dogs!  If you remember Jagger was at the height of his aggression issues and it would not be pleasant for me or Jagger.  I did learn early there was a small city park across the highway where I walked with Jagger every morning and evening.  So we/I adjusted to the situation.

Saint Mary Lake

During our stay here we went to Glacier Park several times.  Due to my National Parks Senior Pass the entry fee was waved each time, wahoo.   Our first trip through the park we took the “Road to the Sun” all the way to Saint Mary.

At St. Mary’s I had lunch and then we continued on through to the East Entrance where we exited and drove South and back to our camp.  As I have been mentioning on Facebook and Google Plus, due to the fires in Washington, Canada and Montana there was a haze most of the time that we stayed here and was another reason I was bummed.  As we exited we stopped briefly at East Glacier Lodge.

Saint Mary Lodge

East Glacier Lodge

Driving South we passed forest completely destroyed a number of years ago by fire.

The second trip into the park I was focused on Lake McDonald.  I drove straight there and after parking at the lodge realized it was too warm to leave Jagger in the truck, so I drove through and focused on stops with short hikes outside the grounds.  I took a few pictures that turned out, but again not quite what I was expecting.

We followed up a few days later by a visit to the Flathead River.  There I enjoyed a pleasant evening while waiting on the sun to set, Jagger and I did training drills.

Jagger has been a handful, but so much improved.  He will approach almost anyone with an over enthusiastic greeting.  We still need to work on that.

While at Glacier I received a call that the warranty part for the refrigerator was now available.  I was just barely able to book an overnight site at Jellystone park in Missoula due to the Paul McCartney concert.  Everything was booked and this was a last minute booking so I could stay over for the repair early the next morning.  So up early and dropped the coach on our way home to Hamilton.

Safe travels until next time…Gary

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