Home Base – Settling In

Being back at “Home Base” with my “Coach’s” first visit has been great.  During the past week or so I have been relaxing, reading a series of “Barnaby Skye” novels that were recommended sometime back by RV Sue and Crew.  I have enjoyed it, especially since it revolves around the pre-pioneer and pioneer days in the area I now call Home Base.  Also, I have been doing some cleaning and general maintenance on the Coach.

As a side note: Home Base is the first camp that upgraded my electrical hookup to 50 amps so I could run my air conditioner when we have additional family members join us here in Montana later this Summer.  I feel pretty special here!

Remodel Completed

The house remodel is finished and I moved in last week.  I will be here until next Tuesday when I pull my Coach to Missoula for some more warranty work, about 50 miles away.  My refrigerator “electric” mode died about a month ago and I have been using the propane mode since.  Also, a drive pin sheared off my rear Lippert electric stabilizers and made them inoperable.  Fortunately, this happened when I arrived here at Home Base.  I need to get everything back up to speed before I head out in September for more adventures.  After the repairs are completed, however long it takes I will come back home for more R & R and some family time.

Venturing Out

Only a few days since arriving at Home Base, have I ventured out for any exploration.  However, we did go for a drive and check out a couple of future “short trips”.  One was the National Forest Land at Bear Creek.  Partially developed in one area requiring a drive back in the forest on dirt roads too rough for the Coach. The other area was a campground with some pull-through sites, but very tight for me.  I didn’t take any pictures 😦 it was so crowded.  All the spots were full and several RVs were still circling the wagons, but no space.  We moved on.

Later in the week I drove to Lake Como with my sister.  It had a nice campground.  Very small, I think 16 sites mostly pull  through with electric.  I may go here for a week or so later in July or early August.

Como Lake
Como Lake
Como Lake - Future Camp?
Como Lake – Future Camp?
Jagger’s Training

Jagger has made remarkable improvements in his obedience training.  Most of the time he is “leash free” here on the property, which I might add doesn’t have any retaining fence.  It’s been a blast to watch him run and chase a Frisbee.  His agility is remarkable.  Walking on the leash has also improved.  He really has learned a lot in just a few short months with me, under very unusual circumstances of moving all the time.  I have him signed up locally for some classes starting in July.  The class is really for me 🙂 – don’t tell Jagger though.

Safe travels until next time, Gary & Jagger

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  1. How fun everything sounds! Jagger is quite the pup. He looks so regal, posing for the camera 🙂 Glad everything is going well for the two of you.


      • Hi Gary, it sounds like a great place to recharge and stay awhile. ‘Glad to hear that you and Jagger are doing well with training. ‘Great pics of him romping with the frisbee. I’ll be up that way in a few weeks for the annual bike trip with friends. I’ll be passing through Missoula or Lolo sometime around lunchtime on Thu, 7/17. Let me know if you’ll still be in the area, I’ll buy you lunch. From Lolo, we’re heading West again back into Idaho, so I won’t be able to make it down to Hamilton. I’m enjoying your adventures vicariously.


      • That sounds like fun. I know you enjoy those excursions. I will still be in the area and could meet for a visit in Lalo. Email me as it gets closer and we can coordinate.


  2. Curious just “how” that drive pin sheared off…….Lippert products are unusually reliable and well made…but as they say, S–T happens!! Jagger looks so happy!!! A video upload to FB is in order with him catching the Frisbee…..so glad part 1 with the coach/workhorse has been good.


    • I wonder myself, human or mechanical. I don’t think I did anything unusual, it’s operation is pretty straight forward. When I say pin, it’s very small, maybe 3″ long and 1/16″ diameter or smaller. It goes through the fitting that connects the motor to the screw that drives the legs. Thanks for stopping by always good to hear your comments.


      • Coach is in Missoula now. After the RV Tech inspected the Stabilizer he said; “the fix” that Bob, my Brother-in-law, did “was as good as any and should work fine”. They don’t know what would have caused the problem, but reminded me not to use it to lift the Coach, only to stabilize. To my knowledge that was all I have been doing. I believe I will ask them for a spare in case it happens again on the road.


  3. What a beautiful place to spend the summer. It is very hot here in Phoenix. Love the pictures of Jagger, especially the one of him jumping in the air in an attempt to catch that Frisbee. Your house is awesome. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looking forward to your next post. Enjoy your summer. Life is good.


    • So far and yes I hear it’s hot there, but that’s normal I guess. I still miss the family I have there, just not the weather. My daughter has a home on the outskirts of Mesa. It’s horse property. She is having a terrible time with the scorpions. One of my grandsons was stung in the house this week playing on the floor.


  4. Very nice, Gary. Glad you’re back in beautiful Montana for the duration of the summer and that you enjoyed your initial RV adventure! Sounds like Jagger has been the perfect companion and that will only get better! Kudos to you – have a great summer and thank you for sharing your travel stories with us!


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