Family Reunion Twin Lakes

Several months ago two of my sons and I planned a family camping trip with the destination of Twin Lakes Campground located high in the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, California. After many discussions we booked the dates that overlapped the Memorial Day weekend this year. I decided to arrive a few days before anyone else was arriving since I was traveling north and would be in the general area. My goal is usually to stay at least a week in campgrounds as I travel and within 250 miles of the last camp.

Travel Journal – May 26, 2016
Horton Camp

Horton Camp

A week or so before I would move to the Twin Lakes campground from Horton Creek, I received a phone call from They were asking me to rethink my plans for camping at Twin Lakes due to the late snow they were experiencing in the area.  Many of the campsites were not cleared of the fresh snow still falling. I called my sons and they wanted to ride it out, even though their plans included camping in tents. Okay I’m game for whatever transpires since I will be in a fifth wheel with a zero degree structural rating. My only concern is having to pull the Coach over roads covered with snow or worse, Black Ice.

As a result, I extended my stay at Horton Campground for a few days as Twin Lakes would not open until May 27th. It was also the day my sons and their families would arrive. refunded my fees for the time they would be closed. As I mentioned in my last post, I was able to visit Mammoth Lakes shortly before my upcoming trip so I knew the snow existed, but wasn’t all that bad.

Travel Journal – May 27, 2016

Moving to Twin Lakes

Camped in the trees

Camped in the trees

When I arrived at my Twin Lakes Campground site, I was so excited to see two of my grandchildren bouncing across the campground to greet Jagger and I. They were so excited, full of energy jumping around.  Their family had just pulled in and had already started to set up camp.

My site was across a small access road, in the tall pine trees. It was one of the most difficult back in sites that I’ve had in a long time, if ever. I literally ended up u-turning my rig as I negotiated the small site opening on the one lane, one way access road. As I jockied the Coach multiple times to fit the slideouts in between the trees on my site, Justin and Caitlen, who drove in from Southern California arrived and started to set up their own camp. Not bad that each of us coming from different places arrived at the same time, or very close. Jared and his family came from the Phoenix area in Arizona with his family. Just like old times camping when they were young children only I am in my Coach 🙂

It’s a Hot Chocolate Morning

Morning Campfires

Morning Campfires

Each morning of our stay here, my grandchildren would be at my door bright and early, waiting for their hot chocolate and sometimes breakfast. That was probably the highlight of my time here. There’s something about the energy young children bring into the picture. Of course there was coffee too for the adults. Many times my grandchildren would take their Mom’s coffee “to go”  and deliver to her in their tent.

Jagger and I went on many short walks, most of the time his friend Phoebe was right there with us. Jagger experienced his first romp in the snow during our stay here. Don’t tell anyone, but for a short few minutes I let him run off leash to enjoy his time playing in the snow. He seemed like a little kid, it was amazing. 



Jagger's first snow play

Jagger’s first snow play


Travel Journal – May 30, 2016

The Longest Hike

On Monday we went for a hike on the “Panorama Dome Trail”. The trail is close to two miles when you go completely around the Dome and back to the trailhead. It does have some elevation gain but pretty easy and you won’t find it too crowded either. Once we made it to the top the view was spectacular. I only wish I would have brought Jagger this time,  we only passed a couple groups with dogs. He probably could have tolerated that and it would have been a good experience for him. Lesson learned.

Our days and nights were full. Campfires, great meals, roasted marshmallows and stories around the campfire. The fellowship of my Sons, their wives and children. I sit here now feeling lonesome, the kids and the excited activity are gone. Now that I have been on the road over two years I have found the only time I usually feel lonesome is the day or two after my family and friends leave, after enjoying their company and sharing my adventure.


It’s Jagger and I on the road again. Tomorrow we will leave this beautiful camp and move on to the Lake Tahoe area for another adventure.

Until next time, Safe Travels…Gary


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